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The History of Arnis dates back before the colonization of the Spaniards, during those periods it was called Kali and the techniques of the art is focused on bladed weapons fighting. Kali was widely practiced throughout the archipelago; both nobleman and commoners were enthusiast and practitioners of the said art. Also during those days Kali is being taught in a school like training grounds, which was called Bothoan along with military tactics, Alibata (Native Alphabet), and herbal medicines.
On the dawn of April 27, 1521 the Portuguese navigator and warrior named Ferdinand Magellan was defeated by a native warrior chief named Lapu-lapu this was the recorded incident which ...view middle of the document...

The natives, hidden from the watchful eyes of their colonizers, practiced Kali secretly. Due to some cultural influence of the Spaniards the term Escrima, Estoque, Fraile, and Kaliradman were used to regard the native fighting system. It was also during these period when the natives were able to develop the stick fighting techniques of the art, which was proven to be as versatile as the bladed weapons technique. Even the Moro-Moro stage play to entertain the colonizers was utilized as an excuse to practice the fighting system.
In 1873 the fighting system was renamed “Arnis” derived from the word Arnes which means colorful trapping on defensive armors used on the Moro-Moro plays. Some of the heroes of the Philippine revolution were also practitioners of Arnis namely Andres Bonifacio, the spouses Diego and Gabriela Silang, and the young General Gregorio Del Pilar. The National Hero Jose Rizal was also reported to practice the fighting system. As well as the founder of Aglipayan Church Rev. Gregorio Aglipay was also recorded as a practitioner of the art.
After hundreds of years with Spanish colonization the Japanese invaders took their place to invade the Philippines during the World War II, again experts of the native fighting arts were called upon to fight for the country’s freedom. Kali, Escrima or Arnis whichever term the individual prefer to use was once again employed on the battlefield. It’s efficiency was put to a test again but this time against the Japanese invaders.
The Filipinos fought side by side with the Americans. Natives with skills in the fighting art signed up to be freedom fighters known as “Guerillas”. It is also these “Guerillas” who were usually front liners during the encounter and they were usually sent on a commando mission for reconnaissance against the Japanese.
After the war ended and peace took it’s path in 1975 then Major Favian Ver also noted enthusiast and practitioners of Arnis formed the National Arnis Association of the Philippines (NARAPHIL) with the objective to unite all Arnis group in the Philippines, but unfortunately according to records the Generals effort was futile, some claimed that the association that the General led tends to favor only one group and ignored the request for recognition of the majority of the existing Arnis clubs.
After the Historical EDSA revolution General Favian Ver was exiled and NARAPHIL as a dominant Arnis grouped ceased, eventually another brotherhood of Arnis was formed by a group of great Masters on Arnis. July of 1986 Arnis Philippines (ARPHI) was established with the same objective as NARAPHIL, at present time the government sanctioned groups NARAPHIL and ARPHI exist together with a non-governmental organization PIGSAI, these organizations share a common goal which is to promote, preserve, propagate, and regain the popularity of Arnis throughout the country because economically even though the Filipino Martial Arts be it Arnis, Escrima, or Kali earned its popularity in...

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