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History Of Ancient Rome Essay

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History and Government of Ancient Rome
Western civilization is traced back from the ancient near and Middle East region. One of the major States that contributed enormously to the western civilization was the ancient Rome. The ancient historic Rome is believed to have been founded early back at around 750 BC. Rome mythically got its name from some two twin brothers; Romulus and Remus. Historical findings state that, Rome had seven kings who reigned for over two hundred years, in succession, Romulus as the first known king.
The ascend of Rome was surely not predictable, but it had several advantages exactly from the beginning due to the surrounding seas that were viable for overseas trades. ...view middle of the document...

Social life and Marriage
In the Roman society there was a division of two classes in social status; these were the patricians who were from families that originally were rich powerful property and land owners. They had powers in the political arena, and had a place in decision makings. The second groups were the plebians who generally worked in farms. The two groups were relatively separated; for the superior class only associated with their likes in both business and marriage, while the lower class could only be near when doing servant’s duties. The patricians married and did business only with the people of their class.
In Rome different classes of people were identified by the cord of clothing especially where dark tunic was being worn by the ordinary man who happened to be slaves or shepherds. White wool or linen was worn by intellectuals .The type of foot ware was also a distinctive factor where Patricians were using orange or red shoes that were inform of sandals. Romans had their food taken just before noon and contained cold meat, nuts, cheese, olive, salads, and fruits; wine was also given served. Most of the family members ate collectively. Their women and children ate independently, but soon after the territory period, with liberalism entering in; still reputable women would be present at such feast parties.
Familia in Roman language meant a group or collection of people and belongings that are underneath the parental power of the father; which narrowed down to the possessions, land, items, slaves and any other person who were below him.
The Ancient Romans had very unique methods when one needed to marry .They saw this as rather financial and political coalition, and an added economic advantage. Romance was not valued generally. There were some more refined preparations that were made; fathers actually were seen searching correct partners for their daughters, at the start of teenage.
The male partners were indeed older than the female by even twice. The feminine were expected to accept whatever choice she was given. Marriage also differed by classes .The inferior classes were marrying much later than the superior class. The Roman law stated clearly that when two couples shared a home, they were presumed legally married. Men were the main dominant gender in this marriage business and were the power brokers (Arnold et al, 2003).
Education and Language
The language which was widely spoken in Rome and the neighboringregionswasLatin. This language historian says that, indeed was not the indigenous language in Italy but found its way in this peninsula by immigrants from the north. In the 18thcentury this was the most powerful language in history that diplomats and even intellectuals associated with; not forgetting that this was the main dialect that the liturgy of the Roman Catholic valued as sacred and used for its religious conquests all over the world. Education as we recognize these days has profound ancestry in the antique...

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