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History Of A Successful Company Essay

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Microeconomics: Target Corp.
Yolanda L. Ramos-Guistizia
Southern New Hampshire University


Microeconomics – Target Corp.

For this research paper I picked Target Corp. (Target) as the firm I'll be analyzing and the
market that Target is apart of. Target is the second largest American retailer and mass
merchandiser. It sells household essentials and fashionable merchandise at discounted prices.
Throughout this final project I will discuss supply and demand and pricing and marketing
techniques. I will also discuss Target's successes within the United States, their abrupt exit from
the Canadian market. "Microeconomics is the study of how ...view middle of the document...

..75 departments in all." Shopping at the new, currently
unnamed store will be fun, delightful and welcoming to the entire family. The stores will include
wide aisles, easy-to-shop displays, fast checkout and, "loads of well-lighted parking…for 1,200
cars." (Target Corporation, n.d.)
The first store opens outside of Minnesota in 1966 transforming from a regional
department store to a national chain store. A year later Target's Initial Public Offering is held on
October 18th.
"In 1988, Target becomes the first mass merchandiser to introduce UPC
scanning at all Target stores and Distribution Centers. The revolutionary new
technology contributes to the evolution of the in-store shopping experience
through greater inventory management, increased automation, and most
importantly, a shorter wait time at the checklane." (Target Corporation, n.d.)
Target's brand promise, "Expect More. Pay Less." was unveiled in 1994. The following
year Target opens it's first SuperTarget in...

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