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History Management Essay

865 words - 4 pages

History banks
Part 1 changes in executive mgt and shariah advisory board
Qualification of top mgt and mgt team
Part 2 changes in banking philosophy or principles
Mision vision obj corporate strategy
Part 3 changes in banking practices and practical application of islamic bank
Implement islamic or not
Trading activities
Annual reports
Part 4 problem
Financial statement

Board of Directors |
Mr. Salah Mohd I Al Jaidah
Chairman |
Dr. Saleh Jameel Malaikah
Deputy Chairman |
Dr. Fouad Hayel Saeed
Director |
| Mr. Shahzad Shahbaz
Director |
Mr. Subrata ...view middle of the document...

Abdul Sattar Abdul Karim Mohammed Abu Ghuddah (Syirian-Bahrain) Educated at University of Damascus (Syria), he obtained a Bachelor in Shariah (1964) and Bachelor of Law (1965) He holds double Masters in Shariah (1964) and Ulum Hadith (1967) and a PhD (1975) in Shariah (Comparative Mazhab) from al-Azhar University. He started his career as a Lecturer at Imam Al Da'awa Institute (Riyadh), Religious Institute (Kuwait), Sharia College of the Law Faculty in Kuwait University. His current position as a Shariah Consultant, Dallah Al-Barakah Banking Group and Director of Department of Financial Instruments at AI-Barakah Investment Co-Saudi Arabia. He is a committee member for various organisations such as Islamic Law Encyclopedia (Kuwait Awqaf Ministry: 1982-1990), AAOIFI, Dar Ististhmar, Islamic Fiqh Academy Jeddah, Dow Jones Islamic, Qatar Islamic Bank, Jordan Islamic Bank, Jordan Islamic Insurance, Islamic Bank of Asia, Arab Finance House (AFH), European Finance House (EFH), Syrian International Islamic Bank.Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS)-Switzerland, Saudi American Bank-Saudi Arabia, Guidance Financial Group-USA, First Islamic Investment Bank-Bahrain, Standard Chartered Group Saadiq Islamic Banking, Calyon, Zayan Finance-USA, European Islamic Investment Bank (EIIB), Noor Islamic Bank-Dubai, Unicorn Investment Bank, He has written various books and articles on Fiqh Muamalat. |
Sheikh Dr.Waleed Bin Hadi
Qatar |
| Sheikh Waleed bin Hadi (Qatarian) Educated at University of Qatar, he obtained a B.A in Shariah and Usuluddin (1991) He holds a Masters in Shariah and Law from Omdurman Islamic University (Sudan), 2002 and Ph.D in Shariah (2008) from Imam Muhammad Bin Saud al-Islamiyyah University- Riyadh. He started his career as a Judge at Shariah Court, Qatar (1991). He is a committee member for various organisations within and outside Qatar such as Qatar Islamic Bank, Qatar International Islamic Bank, Bank al-Rayyan, Arab Finance House (AFH)-Beirut, European Finance House (EFH)-London, Solidarity Family Islamic Insurance Co. (Bahrain) and Syrian International Islamic Bank. He has written various books and articles on Islamic...

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