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History Individual Project Essay

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Unit 1 Individual Project
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Native American Tribes are a huge part of our nation’s history; at the beginning they were a free group of people who had their own set of beliefs and religion. But over time wars and government agencies made it extremely hard on these tribes to just live their lives. Crazy Horse, Lt. Custer, and General Crook were very important in the history of the Sioux tribe.

The Sioux Native American Tribe is one of the many tribes residing within the United States, who in 1868 signed a treaty at a conference in Wyoming, promising peace between their tribe and the whites. In this treaty the Sioux agreed to settle in the Dakota Territory at the ...view middle of the document...

To become part of this council you had to prove that you were benevolent, do good deed and generally come from a good family. But also you would have to have nobility form battle and be a significant part of your community. Unlike in our community today, the Sioux gave their upmost respect to their elders, these were the people who would pass down the tribal stories and ancestral values to the younger members of the tribe (Sioux Nation>Life and Culture-Community, 2009). In each village there was also a holy person known as a medicine man, who held a great deal of influence over the people of the tribe. This person could either be a man or woman, but whomever it was, the tribe believed that they could communicate with the other side or could heal any ailments the tribe encountered (Sioux Nation>Life and Culture- Community, 2009).
The spiritual foundation of the Lakota Sioux is what they call the seven sacred rites. These are a set of ceremonies and beliefs, which they consider to be very powerful and critical to their way of life. These rites are The keeping of the soul, Inipi: The Rite of Purification, Hanblecheyapi: Crying for a Vision, Wiwanyag Wachipi:The Sun Dance, Hunkapi:The Making of Relatives, Ishna Ta Awi Cha Lowan:Preparing a Girl for Womanhood, and Tapa Wanka Yap:Throwing of the Ball (Crystal, 1995). The Keeping of the Soul is a way for spiritual healing to be performed after death, to enable the person’s soul to cross over to the land of the Great Spirit and stay at peace.
One of the most well-known Sioux tribe members is Tasunka Witho, aka Crazy Horse. He was known in his tribe as a born leader, a visionary and a charismatic defender of his tribe (Sioux Nation>Significant People-Crazy Horse, 2009). He refused to sign any treaty that the United States offered his tribe, he didn’t want to have to follow any rules and regulations set up by the government. After The U.S. War Department ordered all the Lakota tribe to live on reservations, he gathered up 1,200 warriors of the Oglala and Cheyenne tribes to fight in the Battle of Rosebud. Crazy Horse was also involved in the attack on Lt. Custer’s 7th Calvary, in the Battle of Bighorn. Lt. Custer ordered an attack on a village, unbeknownst to him, containing more than 2,000 Sioux and Cheyenne warriors, the Lt. and his entire unit was killed (Sioux Nation>Significant People-Crazy Horse, 2009). After this battle the American people demanded that all the Sioux tribes were to be contained on reservations. Some of the tribe members agreed to go on the reservations, and...

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