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History In The Making Essay

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History in the Making
Many people had to stand in line for forty-five minutes or more this morning in order to vote. The line at a small polling place outside Cordele wound across the room, out the door, and down the hill. This turnout astounded everyone because they have never seen it before. In rural Crisp County, GA voters turned out by the droves. A Crisp County listener may have heard the news at five that, according to WALB in Albany, polling places in all twenty-four states participating in Super Tuesday have had the same turnout. The news anchor called this primary election a “history making” one. Not only has this country made history by the turnout in this primary, but also, ...view middle of the document...

So far, she has won forty-eight delegates out of the 2025 needed for the nomination. Clinton lived in the White House for eight years as First Lady while her husband served as President of the United States. She claims that this fact will assure that she has experience at this level of power. The Democratic Party infrastructure is very much pro-Clinton.
All the presidents in the past have also been white. This year’s election could be a mark in history because an African-American seeks the presidency. To say the least, African Americans have come a long way in politics compared to the past when people of color suffered disenfranchisement through many illegal and, even legal, machinations. In 1866, Congress passed the Fourteenth Amendment that grants due process to all citizens and citizenship to African-Americans and leads to the election of John Willis Menard to Congress in 1868 even though an election dispute kept him from taking his seat. Since then, African-Americans have made great strides politically. There is no doubt in many minds, however, that if Obama wins the Presidency or even the party nomination, the white supremacy movement in this country...

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