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History Book Review

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Dr xxxx
History 2020
1 May 20xx
Book Review of Confederates in the Attic
As a child who innocently enters an attic only to stumble upon ancient heirlooms and artifacts of a time period long past, Jeff Horwitz delves into the past via an expedition into the heart of the South as he unearths mysteries of the Confederacy within the pages of his book entitled, Confederates in the Attic. The heart of the content found within the book was an accidental and somewhat ironic discovery. Horwitz was no stranger to Civil War history. In fact, his childhood memories were imbedded in Civil War books owned by both his great-grandfather and father. As a Russian immigrant, Horwitz’s ...view middle of the document...

Their dedication bordered on an eccentric obsession. Upon discovering this group of men, Horwitz was invited to attend an overnight trip into the field with group who referred to themselves as “hardcores.” “Hardcores didn’t just dress up and shoot blanks. They sought absolute fidelity to the 1860s.” During his time spent in the field with these men, Horwitz was clothed in period appropriate clothing, given only sparse amounts of food, and participated in a nightly “spooning” ritual that was created by Confederate soldiers during the War in order to maintain warmth throughout the night. Even their conversation was period appropriate, which involved cursing Abraham Lincoln and discussing family left behind during the War. It was after the exposure to this sub culture of individuals that Horwitz decided to sojourn to locations in the South that would unveil further mysteries concerning not only past Confederates, but current Confederate sympathizers who dedicated their lives to preserving the memories and sacrifices of their ancestors.
As his journey begins in the southern state of North Carolina, Horwitz’s gift of combining elements of humor, sarcasm, and sorrow throughout his journey immediately offers an appealing invitation to the reader to accompany him on his trail throughout the South. He uncovers somewhat unconventional groups of people who zealously support the cause of the Confederates and spend their time and monetary resources to continue to discover and celebrate the past. His journey takes him into intimate settings, social gatherings, bars, cemeteries, museums and libraries. He meets single men, women, families, and even children who dedicate their lives to commemorate the memories of specific ancestors or the group of Confederates as a whole. While in South Carolina, he attends a gathering in a library, which involves a very intense game...

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