History And Structure Of The Travel And Tourism Sector

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|Lo 1. History And Structure Of The Travel And Tourism Sector |3 |
|Lo1.1 Key Historical Developments In The Travel And Tourism Sector |3 |
|1.2 Early Travel |3 |
|1.3 The Egyptians |3 |
|1.4 The Persians |3 |
|1.5 The Greeks ...view middle of the document...

5 1960s TO 1980s |5 |
|2.6 1980s TO 1990s |6 |
|2.7 END OF 1990s |6 |
|2.8 2000 Onwards |6 |
|Lo1.2 Structure Of The Travel And Tourism Sector |8 |
|Four Major Modes Of Transport In Tourism |8 |
|The Tourist’s Choice Of Transport Mode Is Dependent On Several Factors |8 |
|Advantages Offered By Coach Services To The Older Market Include |9 |
|The Key Activities Of Tour Operating |10 |
|LO2: Influence Of Local And National Government And International agencies On The Travel And Tourism Sector |11 |
|LO2.1 – Analyse The Function Of Government, Government Sponsored Bodies And International Agencies In Travel And |11 |
|Tourism | |
|Government Policy On Tourism |11 |
|Visit Britain (Formerly The British Tourist Authority) |12 |
|Visit Scotland (Formerly Known As The Scottish Tourist Board And Also Incorporating The Former Area Tourist Board |13 |
|Network) | |
|Tourist Information Centres (Tics) |14 |
|Tourist Information Centres Can Be Established For Many Purposes: |14 |
|Local Government Involvement In Tourism |14 |
|LO2.2 Local And National Economic Policy Influences The Success Of The Travel And Tourism Sector |14 |
|LO2.3 The Implication Of Political Change On The Travel And Tourism Sector In Different Countries |15 |
|Lo3. Understand The Effects Of Supply And Demand On The Travel And Tourism Sector |16 |

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