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The Branches of Government

August 14, 2012

The Branches of Government
Articles I, II, and III of the Unites States Constitution outline the importance of dividing government into 3 branches, this system was designed by our forefathers to serve the people. With any division of power obstacles are bound to arise, usually when attempting to enact important legislation. Since the US Constitution was written to the present day there has been conflicts between the supporters of a strong federal government and campaigners of states’ rights. This paper will address these three aspects associated with the first three articles of the United States Constitution.
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The way they sought to do this was by providing for a system of checks and balances in government. By denying access to full power they were attempting to limit the possibility or at least the probability of government abuse of power. (Kesler, 2007).
Obstacles the Division of Power Presents
The division of power is clearly not a panacea for all government deficiencies and problems. As a matter of fact some would argue the division of power actually hamstrings government. It is necessary to assume that the founding fathers envisioned a government that while protecting its citizens and guaranteeing them certain rights were to be largely uninvolved in the daily lives of its citizens. It was expected that citizens govern themselves. The government would be responsible for protecting individual rights but was not meant to be the custodian of its citizens. The government was meant to protect not provide. Therefore, for the type of government that the founders envisioned, the system of checks and balances and separation of power worked perfectly.
In today's society however our knowledge of government has changed significantly from the original concept developed by the founding fathers. Our society tends to take government not only as the protector of individual rights. Rather than asking the government to protect our right to pursue freedom within the limits of our constitution. We have come to expect the government to undertake us an easy life, protect lewd behavior and support for the fulfillment of its citizens.
Because of our understanding of government we are under the conclusion that the division of power is something that hinders government. It is clear that the division of power makes decision making a long and arduous process. It results in seemingly endless debate and long hours spent in committee meetings discussing the merits of specific legislation. Therefore, one obstacle that the division power presence to the enactment of relevant legislation is that it increases the amount of time it takes to make a decision. Another obstacle is that this long time frame spent debating a piece of legislation can end up costing the public more money than if a quick decision could be made. Another obstacle is that almost every piece of legislation ends up becoming a partisan strategy for gaining public favor. (Synel, 2008)
Conflict between Federal Government and State Rights Characterized
There have been some twists and turns in the evolution of the ideas of federal power versus states' rights. Originally those who supported a strong federal government typically represented the merchant...

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