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History 202 Project Essay

529 words - 3 pages

History 202
Group Project
Step 2
Hi Everyone! Here is the information I have compiled from the emails we have sent each other from Step 1. Nothing is written in stone so we can change anything depending on what research we come up with. Please take time to come up with some research. This step is due Monday February 15th.
Thanks for all of your input,
Step 2 due Feb 15
* Each member needs to research the time period.
* Group needs to decide what topics to include in the character’s profile. (from problem statement)
* Family
* Friends
* Hobbies
* Work
* ETC…
* Each member needs to find what resources are available and share that information with the group. (see list of resources for annotated bibliography below)
* Each member should suggest some possible presentation ideas: ( we can combine all of our ideas together to create a great presentation)
* Krissy:
* For the blog we have to ...view middle of the document...

* Krissy:
* AutoCAD
* Photoshop
* InDesign
* Word
* Excel
* SketchUp
* Windows Movie Maker
* Verla:
* Word
* Excel
* PowerPoint
* Matthew:
* Winnie:
* Lin:
* Word
* Excel
* PowerPoint
* Photoshop
* windows movie maker
* Group will decide which member will be responsible for which section.
* Each member will focus on researching a specific topic: (from emails we have sent each other)
* Krissy: Where did the Chinese immigrants live in the San Francisco area.
* Verla: What did the Chinese immigrants do for work?
* Matthew: types of living conditions for the Chinese immigrants of that time( housing, health, and food sources).
* Winnie: Why Chinese people immigrate to San Francois during that time period?
* Lin: What did the Chinese immigrants do besides work, any entertainment? Will they still celebrate Chinese holidays?
* Each member will submit their own document of the projects process:
* Outline of division of labor for members (see above)
* Discuss own part of project, including updated research (individual)
* List of sources for annotated bibliography
* Krissy:
* Major Problems in California History
* Competing Visions
* America Past & Present
Step 3 due March 8
* Create the character profile:
* Name: Ming Li
* Gender: Male
* Age: ???
* Issues character would like to discuss with friends and family:
* Employment
* Lifestyle
* Living conditions
* Family relationships and structure
* Opportunities in America
* Concerns
* Each member should look at copyright issues with material they want to use for the project.
* Each member should provide source information for material used in project.
* Each member needs to submit a document for Step 3.
* Self/Peer evaluation form
* Reflective narrative of the process of working on the project and history lessons learned.

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