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French Revolution and Napoleonic Era Worksheet

1. Essay

Explain, in 1,050 to 1,400 words, how the following ideas and ideals influenced the events and motivated the participants in the French Revolution:

• Liberty
• Equality
• Brotherhood
• Hubris
• Fiscal irresponsibility
• Democracy
• Technology

2. Napoleonic Timeline

For each date and location, identify the significant event that occurred and write a single-sentence description of the event.

|August 15, 1769 |Emperor and Military leader Napoleon was born.[Enter description] |
|Ajaccio, ...view middle of the document...

[Enter description] |
|France | |
|November 15–17, 1796 |Battle of Arcola; fight between French and Austrian forces 25 kilometers southeast of Verona |
| |during the War of the First Coalition.[Enter description] |
|Arcole, Italy | |
|1798 |French Invasion of Egypt[Enter description] |
|Malta, Egypt, and Syria | |
|November 9, 1799 |Napoleon Bonaparte named “First Consul,” now the effective dictator.[Enter description] |
|France | |
|February 9, 1801 |Treaty of Luneville ended the Revolutionary Wars and was a major French Triumph.[Enter |
| |description] |
|Lunéville, France | |
|1801 |Concordat of 1801 defined the status of the Roman Catholic Church in France and ending the breach |
| |caused by the church reforms and confiscations enacted during the French Revolution.[Enter |
| |description] |
|Rome and Paris | |
| March 25, 1802 |Treaty of Amiens was signed, which put an end to the Second Coalition War of the French |
| |Revolutionary Wars, but the peace only lasted a year.[Enter description] |
|Amiens, France | |
| August 2, 1802 |Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed Consul for life.ki[Enter description] |
|France | |
|December 2,...

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