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History 105 Essay

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In the last 10 years, the US has had its hands full and the Military has been stretched thin trying to deal with the challenges of keeping peace in the world. Everyone has an opinion on how things should be handled in the name of peace. I am concentrating on two items that are “hot button “topics. Eric Snowden in his quest to do the right thing and Syria, who is denying they did any wrong. The court of public opinion is still out to lunch.

Eric Snowden is a 30 year old former US contractor who is accused of being a traitor. Eric worked as a temp through Booz Allen Hamilton consulting firm. During the 3 months of employment, he downloaded information regarding wiretapping of high profile ...view middle of the document...

Russian allies were telling them to grant asylum to rub it into the US because what they did was deplorable. Although Bolivia, Nicaragua, Valenzuela and Ecuador offered Snowden permanent asylum, he chose the one year Russia was offering. This temporary asylum widen the strained relationship between Russia and the US (Arkhipov, I. 2013).

Syria is a country in the Middle East with a population of 22 million people (Fisher, M. 2013). Syria is a country made up of ethnic Arabs who follow the Sunni branch of Islam. Syria, currently is involved in a civil war that has claimed a lot of lives, most of them children (Fisher, 2013). In 2011, a peaceful protest started to challenge the Dictatorship. The government responded by first killing activists and then kidnapping, torturing and mutilating bodies to be left in public view (Fisher, 2013). As the protests increased, troops began to fire openly at protestors, the protestors began to shoot back. As the year moved on, fighting increased and civilians began to organize into rebel groups fighting, killing the government in protest.

The short and dirty version of the fight has to do with the minority religion of Alawites who are running the dictatorship in Syria. The Alawites are a smaller branch of Arabs who repress all of Syria with the exception of their own. The Alawite dictatorship is against anyone who is different. In return, the Government has destroyed neighborhoods with bombs and shelling to scare them into submission (Fisher, 2013). The Alawites are a small group with big bombs and they will do whatever they can to hold on to the Government.

In August of this year, densely lit neighborhoods were jolted by a series of explosions and then an oozing gas covered the area (Warrick, J. 2013). This “alleged “chemical attack killed about 1500 people including over 400 children. The Government denied any wrongdoing and the US had evidence to the contrary. The Americans who had relatives in Syria were outraged. They called for a retaliation. The US reached out to its ally in Britain to stand beside us as we strike Syria (Shamir, I. 2013). Britain backed out and the US was left alone to decide. In the meantime, Russia tells the US not to mess with Syria because they are my ally and it could cause a tense situation to blow up. Russia and the US were already mad at each other over Russia granting asylum to Snowden. Putin and Obama came to a fair solution to destroy the weapons in Syria (Shamir, 2013). Americans were not pleased because the US is supposed to be superman and we got our butts handed to us by Russia. Many people believe the Obama Administration took a huge step backwards.

After World War II, the United States dethroned Britain as a Superpower. Britain, was financially and economically crippled by two wars. The US put together a plan between the Civil War and World War I to solidify the position. The US invests in the military to the tune of 682 Billion per year...

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