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History 103 Essay

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A. Discuss the origins of Christianity? Who was Paul of Tarsus? What Contributions did he make to Christianity? Why did it ultimately survive and succeed?
The Origins of Christianity originates from when Judea came under Roman rule in 6 C.E. The roman didn’t really care for the Jews and their beliefs, in turn, the Jews turned to religion and the wanting or waiting of being saved from the Roman oppression. The Jews believed in one god, unlike the Romans, and they believed that this one god would sent a messiah or chosen one, that would help free them from the Roman Empire and their ruling power. In other words, the Jews believed a military leader anointed by God to lead the Jews and ...view middle of the document...

Although Jesus was inspirational to many, the leaders of the church found him to be a so called trouble maker, one who could ruin their very own well being and lives of overwhelming fortune. They believed that Jesus could incite a rebellion that could lead to the loss of their power politically and socially. Before any rebellion could happen, Jewish leaders turned Jesus over to the Roman emperor Pontius Pilot to be executed. Jesus’ crucifixion is a key part of Christianity, for his followers taught of his resurrection and future return to lead them to the next life.
Paul of Tarsus was also a Jew, but he was from Greece who converted to Christianity and devoted all of his time, energy, and life’s work to spreading the word of Jesus and his teachings. Paul traveled throughout the Mediterranean to include Syria, Anatolia, and Greece, teaching of Jesus the Messiah. Jewish leaders were appalled with how much Jewish tradition was lost in Jesus’ teachings in his translation of God’s word. Paul also spoke different languages that helped him mingle in different cultures that helped him spread the teachings and God’s word through the Mediterranean. Luckily for Christianity, a revolt in Roman Judea lead to Paul and his non-Jewish converts to lead future and further from it Jewish roots.
Christianity was successful and survives because it relates to all levels on the social scales. Early Christians weren’t those of good fortune and money, but more or less, the poverty stricken, minorities, women, and slaves. The sheer numbers of the poor to aristocrats was overwhelming. The poor outnumbered the rich. Christianity offered what others could not. A life of prosperity that was, for the most part, unattainable in this life. Overtime Christianity became democratic, that wasn’t based on social class, but elected by peers.
B. Discuss the origins of Islam and the development of the religion of Islam, the Umma, and the three Branches of Islam (Sunni, Shiite, and Kharliite). What were the causes of the decline of the Caliphate.
The origins of Islam came from the countries of the Middle Eastern Arabian peninsula to include Syria, Jordan, and Iraq due to the isolation and independence because of the protection all around them. These inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula were pastoral nomads and farmers. As for Islam its founder was an Arabic prophet by the name of Muhammad. Muhammad was an orphan boy in Mecca around 570. Unlike Jesus, Muhammad had a family; a wife names Quraysh and many daughters, but lost his only son who died at during childhood. One night in 610 Muhammad began meditating in the mountains around Mecca, during his meditations an angel appeared and gave him a message in later traditions that was referred to as the “Night of Power and Excellence”. Gabriel said, “Proclaim! In the name of your lord who created. Created man from a clot on congealed blood. Proclaim! And your lord is most bountiful. He who has taught by the...

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