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History 100 Film Review "Gettysburg" S. Snow

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Patrick Watkins
History 100
Film Review
There have been many films made that are based off of true stories. However, one of the most accurate movies I have seen was Gettysburg. Released in 1993 and directed Ronald Maxwell, this movie goes into detail and talks about the decisive 3 day Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War. Actors Tom Berenger, Jeff Daniels, and Martin Sheen do an excellent job playing the roles of Robert E. Lee, James Longstreet, and Joshua Chamberlain. While the film did poorly in the box office, the film has been praised for its accuracy. The film is so committed to telling the story right that it takes 4 hours to tell it. While we are supposed ...view middle of the document...

The second day shows the Confederates trying to take the hill. Lee orders an attack on the Unions left flank along Devils Den and Little Round Top. General John Hood is tasked with leading the assault. When Devils Den falls, it is soon up to Joshua Chamberlain to hold off Little Round Top and the left flank. Outnumbered, his men put a valiant defense and orders a bayonet charge that defeats the Confederates and mortally wounds Hood. The next day J.E.B. Stuart and his men return from raids in the area and Lee, who believes that the union line is weakest in the middle orders a final assault. He places Longstreet to lead the frontal assault on Cemetery Ridge with General Pickett's men forming the center in a move that would be known as Pickett's Charge. The Confederates start with a bombardment that overshoots the Union defenses and then the men charge. The charge soon ends disastrously with most of Lee's men being wiped out by union artillery and not even reaching the line. The movie then ends with Lee and men retreating back to Virginia and Colonel Chamberlain and his brother John hugging, thankful hey survived the battle.
The whole reason this movie was made was to just tell the story of the battle and show what the war was really like. The director's point of view seemed really neutral in my opinion. When you saw the battle from the perspectives of both sides it really seemed like both sides were just in their own way. When I watched it I didn't really pick up any Political or Social messages. There were no issues on slavery or cotton, or about how...

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