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Historical Weather Patterns Of Michigan Essay

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Writer's Name HereProfessor's Name HereDate HereHistorical Weather Patterns of MichiganEvaluating changes in synoptic patterns is tantamount to understanding regional climate change. To date, the synoptic evaluations that have been done regarding climate change output from General Circulation Models have been restricted mainly to examining changes in storm tracks across large areas.The north generally experiences colder weather compared to the south, but Michigan weather is unpredictable and switches rapidly, especially during the winter (Hodak, 21-28).Seasons and types of weather--fall, cool nights and warm days; winter--snowy and constantly cold, getting ...view middle of the document...

Extreme low temperature events are a normal part of springtime climatology in Michigan and can cause severe damage to many of the state's diverse agricultural crops. In particular, late spring freezes are a major concern in the western counties of the Lower Peninsula where commercial fruit production is concentrated and their occurrence may be a significant factor in explaining inter-annual variations of yield (Hodak, 21-28). For example, a series of freezing nights in late May 1992, damaged several types of fruit (grapes, strawberries, plums, and sweet cherries), reducing the overall potential size of the crop. Although United States mean temperatures have been rising during the last decade, perhaps as part of a wider global trend, some recent springs have been particularly warm in Michigan (e.g. 1991), extreme low temperature events continue to occur (Keen, 19-27).The possible association between regional temperature trends and the risk of extreme minimum daily temperature events has not been widely examined. Some efforts have focused on documenting recent changes in the length of the growing season or on the relationship between mean temperature trends, but little is available concerning Michigan (Keith, 35-41).Furthermore, recent literature is largely silent on the question of how springtime low temperature risk is conditioned by antecedent weather patterns, that is, for example, whether a warm April is normally followed by a lower-than-average frost risk in May. Regardless, to the...

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