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Historical Timeline Of Nursing Theories Essay

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Historical Development of Nursing Timeline
Development of the nursing practice has e started as early as the 1850’s with Florence Nightingale. She was the founder of the first nursing theory. From her foundation over the years nursing has blossomed into a great career and practice to where nurses and patients both benefit from the advances in theories and practice. Theory is an essential part of the past, present and future of nursing.
(1860) Florence Nightingale:
- Florence Nightingale was the founder of nursing theory (George, 2011). She described nursing as both an art and a science. She recommended adjusting the environment to improve the person’s health. She ...view middle of the document...

(1960) Faye Abdellah:
-The nursing theory developed by Faye Abdellah emphasizes delivering nursing care for
the whole person to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual needs of the client. In the 1960s the focus of theoretical thinking in nursing moved from a problem/need and functional role focus to the relationship between the nurse and the patient (George, 2011).
(1974) Betty Neuman:
-The 1970s introduced the use of nursing theory to nursing education. During this time period the National League for Nursing (NLN) required schools of nursing to select, develop, and implement a conceptual framework for the curricula as an accreditation standard (George, 2011). Neuman’s theory supports an open systems-based perspective that provides a unifying focus for approaching a wide range of international health concerns.
(1980’s) D. Johnson

-The 1980’s was a decade of revision and expansion onto existing theories. Johnson’s

Behaviors System Model for nursing had the idea of the efficient and effective behavioral

functioning in the patient to prevent illness (Nursing Theories).

-The 1990’s produced the middle range theories that directed nursing practice. The circle of theory-research practice provides the base for evidence based practice and best practices in the clinical nursing setting. Another milestone in the 1990’s was the internationalization of the nursing theory movement (George, 2011).
(21st Century)
-The early part of the 21st century nursing theory is characterized by diversity. After decades of struggling with questions about how and what theories could or should guide the discipline of nursing, diversity of theoretical thought is now both accepted and embraced (George, 2011).
(Present Day)
-Present day nursing theory has continued to develop and aided in best evidence based practice. Nursing theory will continue to transcend and expand the profession of nursing to reflect the influence of the past and the needs of the future.
Nursing Science and the Profession
Nursing science provides the basis for professional nursing practice. Nursing theories provide the critical thinking structures to direct the clinical decision making process of professional nursing practice. The relationship between theory, research, and practice is circular in nature. As new knowledge and discoveries emerge in...

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