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Historical Timeline And Essay

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Final Project: Historical Timeline and Essay
Jennifer Mullins
Axia College of the University of Phoenix

Historical Timeline and Essay: The Civil War
The first shots were fired on April 12, 1861 from Fort Sumter, South Carolina beginning a four-year battle that would end on April 9, 1865, when Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered in Appomattox, Virginia to Union General Ulysses S. Grant, ending what became known as the American Civil War (Davidson, Gienapp, Heyrman, Lytle, and Stoff, 2006). In the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, America went into two different economical directions: the North became industrial the South ...view middle of the document...

• Cost the South its British business causing their economy to suffer (U.S. History, n.a.).
The Tariff Act of 1832
• Was passed in order to reduce duties to a moderately reasonable level.
The Nullification Crisis
• Began with South Carolina declaring the tariffs null and void and threatening secession if the government tried to collect future tariffs from them.
The Compromise Tariff Act
• Was passed to gradually reduce the tariff rates over a period of time.
• Was met with opposition from the North.
The Pinckney Resolution:
• Was one of several “gag rules” passed by the House banning petitions on the abolition of slavery
• Was opposed by John Quincy Adams, a former president and current representative of Massachusetts, who felt it was in violation of the First Amendment (Miller, 1996).
• Created more public support of slavery abolition (Miller, 1996).
The Compromise of 1850
• Allowed California to enter into the Union as a free state, New Mexico and Utah to enter as no restriction territories, and slave trading was abolished in Washington, D.C.
• Created controversy with the passing of the Fugitive Slave Act, which strengthened abolition resolve, raised public awareness, and increased the activity of the Underground Railroad (The History Place, 1996).
The Kansas-Nebraska Act
• Was passed, overturning the Missouri Compromise, allowing Kansas and Nebraska to decide on their own whether or not they should be slave states (The History Place, 1996).
• Upset the North, who felt the Missouri Compromise was supposed to be a long-standing agreement (The History Place, 1996).
Charles Sumner (Massachusetts Senator)
• Began a two-day speech on May 19th, outraged about what was happening in Kansas, singling out three senate members, including South Carolina senator, Andrew Butler (Davidson, Gienapp, et al, 2006).
Preston Brooks (Representative)
• Walked into Sumner’s office and caned him in retaliation to Sumner’s accusations against Butler, who was also Brooks’ cousin (Davidson, Gienapp, et al, 2006).
• Became an instant hero in the south and evidenced the growing hostilities between the North and the South (Davidson, Gienapp, et al, 2006).
The Panic of 1857
• Was the first United States depression
• Brought about the Tariff Act of 1857
The Tariff Act of 1857
• Was passed under the assumption the country would benefit from cheaper imports.
• Was opposed by the North.
The Dred Scott Decision
• Affected both free and enslaved African-Americans.
• Allowed the newly established territories to establish their own slave rules
• Overruled the Missouri Compromise due to the Compromise being unconstitutional
• Widened the gap between the North and the South.
Harper’s Ferry, Virginia
• John Brown takes hostages, turning to using force in the fight for abolition
• Ignited...

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