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Historical Theory Timeline Essay

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Florence Nightingale-1859
The biggest influence in nursing is Florence Nightingale. She was the original founder of the nursing profession and played an important role in establishing nursing. She theorized the health of patients was a consequence of their environment Florence Nightingale believed throwing bodily waste out on the street would increase the spread of illness. At that time disease was widespread and she had a huge effect on existence of disease caused by infection.
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs-1943
Maslow theorized individuals were instrumental in their will to live. He focused on what he felt the first step was the will to survive. After meeting this need then the next ...view middle of the document...

The theory is thought to be distinct, exact, and easily applicable to nursing practice. It focuses on the patient and allows the application of other theories in patient care.

Dorothy Johnson, Behavioral systems model-1968
The behavioral systems model of Dorothy Johnson involved a core concept of social effectiveness which was well organized and operational. Focusing on a behavioral system on a physically disabled patient can be difficult to use this theory.
Betty Neuman's Systems model-1970
Neuman’s core concept was “this core is protected by lines of resistance that in turn are surrounded by the normal line of defense and finally the flexible line of defense.” (George, 2011) She believed the nurse’s role was to return an individual back to a balanced state.
Roy's Adaptation Model-1970
Sister Callista Roy modeled the human as a mechanism able to adapt. By applying stimulus to the mechanism it allowed it to change. If the change was improved the veracity of the person then it was determined to be an adaptive or positive response. But if the change inhibited the veracity of the person then this was considered to be a maladaptive response. Her theory offers two apparatuses for surviving or acclimating. "One, a regulator mechanism, is concerned with neural, endocrine, and perception's processes. The other, a cognator mechanism, is concerned with perception, learning,...

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