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Historical Report On Race/Ethnicity

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Historical Report on Race/Ethnicity
Dominique Morant
December 7, 2012
Sherri Goodwin

Historical Report on Race/Ethnicity
Native Americans have crossed over onto America before the Bering Strait became a sea. According to Wikipedia (2012) from the 16th through the 19th centuries the population of Indians declined in the following ways: epidemic diseases brought from the Europe; genocide and warfare at the hands of Europeans explores and colonist, as well as between tribes; displacement from their lands; internal warfare, enslavement; and a high rate of intermarriage. Most mainstream scholars believe that, among the various contributing factors, epidemic disease was the ...view middle of the document...

(Herndon, 2012)
The legislation meant to constrain race with prejudicial boundaries for Native Americans was a public law 83-280. According to Gardner and Melton (1991) the law was a transfer of legal authority form the federal government to state governments which significantly change the division of legal authority among tribal, federal, and state governments. Congress gave six states extensive criminal and civil jurisdiction over tribal lands within the affected states. Indian nations which were affected by Public Law 280 had to deal with greatly increased state authority and state control over a broad range of reservation activities without any tribal consent. (Gardner and Melton, 1991) According to Gardner and Melton, (1991) the law was enacted by the 83rd Congress in 1953, was a substantial transfer of jurisdiction from the federal government to the states in Indian country. This transfer of jurisdiction was required for the states specifically mentioned in the Act and also permitted other states an option to acquire jurisdiction, but Indian Nations had no choice in the matter. The Indian Nations had to deal with increased state authority and state control over a broad range of reservation activities without any tribal consent. The law was enacted with an emphasis upon respecting tribal sovereignty and tribal self-government. From the beginning, Public Law 280 was unsatisfactory to both states and Indian Nations. (Gardner and Melton, 1991) There was a widespread of criticism and concern from...

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