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Historical Overview And Modern Issues Of Hawaii

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Historical Overview and Modern Issues of Hawaii
During the rule of Kauikeaouli (Kamehemeha III) many social, political, and environmental events happened that greatly impacted Hawaii and native Hawaiians. From 1839 to 1843 Hawaii was threatened by 2 different countries that they were going to take over. France first threatened to colonize Hawaii; but American merchants helped collect $20,000 as payment to keep France from taking over. Shortly after, Great Britain threatened Hawaii with the possibility of war. With the help of America, they were able to stop Britain from taking over.
I think the way the Americans helped Hawaii push away the European nations is very important. At ...view middle of the document...

Since Hawaii was not a territory of America, there was a tax on the imported sugar from Hawaii. Thinking only about making more money, the foreigners wanted to annex Hawaii to America even if it meant losing Hawaiian independence. During this time, spreading of smallpox was happening in Hawaii. As the Hawaiian population was decreasing and the fear of European take over; King Kamehameha III considered the annexation of Hawaii. While the annexation of Hawaii was still being discussed, King Kamehameha III died and left his nephew the throne.
Around 1893 there were many political events that occurred that effected Hawaii in many different ways. There were several individuals and groups of people that contributed to these political events. One of the individuals that played an important part during this time was Lorrin Thurston. Thurston formed a group called the Hawaiian League and wrote the Bayonet Constitution that removed King Kalakaua’s power. He was also the leader of the Committee of Safety, the group that overthrew Liliuokalani. Another important person was John L. Stevens. Stevens was the state minister of Hawaii and another member of the Committee of Safety. He was accused of conspiring to overthrow Queen Liliuokalani. He is also the person that ordered the US marines from the Boston ship to help with the overthrow.
The Committee of Safety was a group that was important to the illegal overthrow. This group planned and carried out the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani. They also focused on having Hawaii annexed to the United States. Two other groups were Hui Aloha Aina (men) and Hui Aloha Aina o Na Wahine (women). These groups were formed to protest the annexation of Hawaii. Their leaders were later arrested along with Queen Liliuokalani for revolting. The groups did not give up after this; they made a petition to stop the annexation and was backed by more than 20,000 signatures.
After the overthrow in Hawaii, President Cleveland was notified of the events and sent James Blount to investigate the revolution. Blount's report found that John Stevens conspired in the overthrow of the monarchy. Blount also recommended that the queen should be restored to her throne. President Cleveland decided to try and reinstate the queen as long as she grants amnesty to those who overthrew her. Liliuokalani agreed with the president's terms and Sanford Dole was asked to resign the provisional government and restore power to the Queen. With Dole's answer of no, Pres. Cleveland concluded by leaving the matter to the Congress. In the end, Congress took no action either to restore the monarchy or to annex Hawai`i; and instead created the Republic of Hawaii, with Sanford Dole being the president.
Overall I think the annexation of...

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