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Historical Novels Essay

573 words - 3 pages

S.No Name of the Book Author Publisher Not Brought
1 Vanji Nagar Vanji Vikraman Nivethitha Nanthivarman Kaathali
2 Sarithira SirukathaigaL - Abimaanavalli Vikraman Mathan
3 Nanthipurathu Naayagi Vikraman Vanitha Chola Magudam
4 Therku Vaasal Mokini Vikraman Muttram Maathaviyin Manam
5 Chandrothayam Kovi.Manisekaran Poompuhar Paandiyan Parisu
6 Kanni Maadam SaaNdilyan Vaanathi Vengaiyin Mainthan
7 Thillaiyil Or KoLLaikaran Anusha Venkatesh Avenue Press Thenpaandi Singam
8 Ponniyin Selvan (5) Kalki * Paandiya Magudam - sanjay books not proper
9 Kaaviriyin Mainthan Anusha Venkatesh Avenue Press Raaja Perigai
10 Pallava Thilakam SaaNdilyan Vaanathi
11 Neelarathi SaaNdilyan Bharathi ...view middle of the document...

Venkatesan Tamizhini
82 Malar Cholai Mangai Dr.L.Kailaasam Vaanathi
83 Chola Kulaanthgan Uthayanan SIthai
84 Thiyagavallaban Vikraman Muttram
85 Kulothungan Sabatham Vikraman Sanjay
86 Mogini ThIvu Vikraman Saaradha
87 Chola ILvarasan Kanavu Vikraman Aalaya
88 Adhiyamaan Kottai...

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