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Historical Foundations Essay

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Angela Evans
Unit 2 Individual Project 2
Historical Foundations
American Intercontinental University
February 19, 2012

Latin was one of the languages of choice but in literature it began to change early in the twelfth century. The language beginning to be used was easily understood by all who read this particular literature. Because it was an understood and easy language it spread throughout Europe and Italy. The impact of this changed language would go on to impact a variety of areas including cultures.

Latin originated in Rome mainly used in Latium, Rome. It was used as early as the 6th century in the Etruscan alphabet (Ager 2012). Its capacity was spread over other areas ...view middle of the document...

Ladino poets wrote in Spanish and Tagalog one such song “Salamat nang walang hanga/gracias di sin sempiternas” meaning never ending thanks by Fernando Bagonbanta, it is located in the Guidelines for the Christian life in the Tagalog language (Godinez-Ortega n.d.). A French example is the handwritten Chanson de Roland piece which talks about the remarkable experiences of Charlemagne (Tillotson, 2005).
The spread of vernacular language was, vast and was the result of the second death of the Latin language and is still much alive today with 6 languages (Journal of Empire Studies, 2012). The language dialect of those without an education was also the result of vernacular language (The University of Calgary, 1996). Some of the dialect spoken in Western Europe was Greek, Celtic, Romanic, which were different languages derived from and adopted by the invading German nations and German (The University of Calgary). In the Northeastern area of Europe it was high and low German, Frisian, Saxon, and West German language (The University of Calgary). Early in the 6th century vernacular language was used in France within church assemblies and in the 8th century Charlemagne ordained that sermons should be done in the vernacular (The University of Calgary).
The impact of the vernacular language through the invention of the printing press afforded families the ability to read the Bible, a high urgency for religious and worldly literature in the vernacular language kept the printing press, engravers, and illuminators in business (The University of Calgary 1998). An example of poetry written in the vernacular is one Dante Alighieri wrote to Beatrice known as Inferno: La Divina Commedia (The Divine Comedy) an extract from the poem is: O Simon Magnus! O disciples of his! Miserable pimps and hucksters, that have sold The things of God, troth-plight to the righteousness, Into adultery for silver and gold; For you the trump must sound now – you are come To the bag the third bowge (pit) has you in its hold…(The University of Calgary 1998). Poets had knowledge of the...

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