Historical Development Of Nursing Timeline Essay

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Historical Development of Nursing Timeline

The history of theoretical and scientific approach in nursing evolution rooted in mid-1800s by the founder and pioneer of modern nursing; Florence Nightingale. She was considered “The Lady with the Lamp” and “The Mother of Modern Nursing “. Florence Nightingale was born in Florence Italy on May 12, 1820. She grew up with the belief that her religious calling was to take care of other people. She started her work during the Crimean war. Her amazing management skills and her ability to provide nursing care to the healthy and wounded soldiers, using her great base knowledge and understanding about the cause and effect of ...view middle of the document...

E. Levine 1967 The Four Conservation Principles of Nursing

One of the highlights in the history of nursing happened on this era in the year of 1965. Two levels of education for nursing by the American Nurses Association was recommended; the professional nurse
educated at the baccalaureate level and the technical nurse educated at the associate degree level. It was also during this decade that doctoral study was offered for nurse educators.

Theorist Year Nursing Theories
M. Rogers 1970 An Introduction to the Theoretical Basis of Nursing
D. Orem 1971 Nursing: Concepts of Practice
M. Levine 1973 Introduction to Clinical Nursing
B. Neuman 1974 The Betty Neuman Health-Care Systems Model
I. Meleis 1975 Role Insufficiency and Role Supplementation: A conceptual framework
J. Paterson & L.T. Zderad 1976 Humanistic Nursing
K.E. Barnard 1978 Nursing Child Assessment and Training
J. Watson 1979 Nursing: The philosophy and Science of Caring

During this decade, the National League for Nursing (NLN) required schools of nursing to select, develop, and implement a conceptual framework for the curricula as an accreditation standard. This requirement focused theoretical thinking on the application of theory to nursing education.
Theorist Year Nursing Theories
D. Johnson 1980 The Behavioral System Model for Nursing
R. Parse 1981 Man-Living-Health: A Theory for Nursing
N. Pender 1982 Health Promotion in Nursing Practice
H. Erickson, E. Tomlin, & m. Swain 1983 Modeling and Role Modeling
P. Benner 1984 From Novice to Expert: Excellence and Power in Clinical Practice
J. Watson 1985 Nursing: Human Science and Human Care
M. Newman 1986 Health as Expanding Consciousness, meaning every person in every situation, no matter how hopeless is a part of the universal process of expanding consciousness and finding greater meaning in life.
R. Parse 1987 Nursing Science: Major Paradigms, Theories, Critiques
M. Mishel 1988 Uncertainty in Illness Theory
M. Levine 1989 The Conservation Principles: Twenty Years Later

During this era many nursing theories were revised based on research findings that expanded them.
Theorist Year Nursing Theories
M.H. Mishel 1990 Reconceptualization of the Uncertainty in Illness Theory
D.E. Orem 1991 Nursing: Concepts of Practice, 4th and 5th eds.
J. Corbin 1992 A Nursing Model for Chronic Illness Management Based...

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