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Historical Background ( Jewish) Essay

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Historical background /discussion of statistics of the problem and/or sociology demographics features of the population selected.
Major ethnic groups in US (Jewish)
The Jewish nation was the most singular that was in the world and even negligible for political but in many ways is worthy of consideration for humanity. It is the only peoples who live scattered and without alliance with any nation are perpetuated between foreign and constitute a people apart from the rest of the world. Almost everyone who wrote the history of the origin of this nation have referred through miracles, everything is miraculous in it. What distinguishes the Jews from other nations is that their God is the only true, which it is not lawful for us to doubt. The Christian religion and the Muslim recognize the Jewish as their mother.
Solomon's time was the most flourishing of the Jewish people, and all the kings of the world together could ...view middle of the document...

The Jews were slaves in Babylon for seventy years. Since then the Jews only knew the alphabet and the characters of that other language, and even forgot the Hebrew dialect. Remained being vassals of the Persians; they were also of Alexander the Great. The Greek language was necessary since for Jews who were engaged in trade. After Alexander's death, Jews were subject to the kings of Syria in Jerusalem and the kings of Egypt in Alexandria, and when these kings made war that people suffered the same fate as all subjects and remained under the control of the victors.
The Jews always slaves, but always attracted rebelling against them the Roman armies. The Jewish people have been victims of segregation and persecution since time immemorial. The anti-Jewish sentiment existed for centuries. Already in the Roman Empire religious devotion was pretexts for discrimination. From that Jews were responsible for the death of the Messiah. At the time of Christian expansion discrimination against these people is generalized by encouraging cross that many Jews were killed. Isolated on special areas were required to wear identification marks and subjected to severe trade restrictions. In Spain the Jews who no converted to Catholicism were by order of the Catholic Monarchs expelled from the peninsula. The Holocaust perpetrated in Germany from 1880 until the end of World War II, was an ideology which includes fascist doctrines, racial hatred and the identification of the Jews where a persuasive campaign to infuse the German people's hatred of Jews begins to remove them. We could say that the passions and frustrations created in Germany at that time led to the complete isolationism and minority of the Jewish community.
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