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Historial Laws And Security Essay

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Historical Laws and Security
Hope Washington
John Adams

Historical Laws and Security

In a brief description, here you will find the following laws in which they were originated. Civilizations throughout time have found it necessary to establish a set of laws dependent on their society's religious beliefs, social structure, setting, and other variables. Magna Carta (Latin for Great Charter, literally "Great Paper"), also called Magna Carta Libertatum (Great Charter of Freedoms), is an English legal charter, originally issued in the year 1215. It was written in Latin. Magna Carta required King John of England to proclaim certain rights (pertaining to nobles and barons), ...view middle of the document...

e. stealing an apple) were penalized by death.
Historical Laws and Security

The twelve table of laws is the earliest attempt by the Romans to create a CODE OF LAW; it is also the earliest (surviving) piece of literature coming from the Romans. In the midst of a perennial struggle for legal and social protection and civil rights between the privileged class (patricians) and the common people (plebeians) a commission of ten men (Decemviri) was appointed (ca. 455 B.C.) to draw up a code of law which would be binding on both parties and which the magistrates (the 2 consuls) would have to enforce impartially.
TABLE I | Procedure: for courts and trials |
TABLE II | Trials, continued. |
TABLE III | Debt |
TABLE IV | Rights of fathers (paterfamilias) over the family |
TABLE V | Legal guardianship and inheritance laws |
TABLE VI | Acquisition and possession |
TABLE VII | Land rights |
TABLE VIII | Torts and delicts (Laws of injury) |
TABLE IX | Public law |
TABLE X | Sacred law |
TABLE XI | Supplement I |
TABLE XII | Supplement II |

Corupus Iurus Civilis or the Justinian Code, was the result of Emperor Justinian's desire that existing Roman law be collected into a simple and clear system of laws, or "code."
Historical Laws and Security

Tribonian, a legal minister under Justinian, lead a group of scholars in a 14-month effort to codify existing Roman law. The result was the first Justinian Code, completed in 529. This code was later expanded to include Justinian's own laws, as well...

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