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Hist221 African American History Essay

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Slavery Before America
History 221
American Military University

Slavery Before America
This paper will focus on slavery before America and the differences in detail while under each rule. When most people think of slavery they fast forward to Slavery in the Americas because for most there is not a lot known about slavery before America. When in actuality slavery was very much present before the union of the states; and in this paper I intend to show the different slave systems and how they play a part in what we as Americans know to be slavery.
According to (Scaruffi, n.d.) The Dutch were the first, apparently, to import black slaves into ...view middle of the document...

The French took a different approach to the African slave trade. Though British responsible for the transport of roughly one hundred thousand African slaves and the French only responsible for thirty thousand; the French are credited with creating and implementing the Black Codes (Le Code Noir). These codes single handedly changed the management system of slaves from the date of implementation until slavery was abolished.
Unlike the British which dealt with the slaves in a barbaric inhumane manner the French’s Black Code treated the slaves in a just manner. According to (Buchanan, 2011) The Code’s sixty articles regulated the life, death, purchase, religion, and treatment of slaves by their masters in all French colonies. The Black Codes were seen as a guiding principal amongst slave owners it required slaves be clothed, fed, and nursed when ill.
The Black Codes were not only the rule book for the blacks but whites alike. Under the French Rule slaves could meet certain conditions to earn their freedom. The Black Codes ensured both parties were aware of both expectations and consequences, for these reasons the Black Codes were enforced for 163 years (Buchanan, 2011).
Although the French’s rule was more lenient on the slave the most humane of them all was the rule of Spain. Under the Black Code slaves could not own land, and under the British rule slaves were not treated as humans, much less allowed to own anything but according to (Vox, 2013) hoping to cause problems for Britain, promised freedom and land to any British colonial slaves who made their way to Florida.
For the first time in the history of African slaves; African slaves were allowed to complain. The Spaniards understood the key to minimizing the revolts was to humanize the slave. By the humanizing the slave, the slave no longer had a pressing matters at hand to lead revolt. The Spanish law did not come from the Black Codes which many colonies followed whereas the Spanish law came from Rome.
According to (North...

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