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National Council of La Raza

The struggles of the Hispanic/ latino American community have not been well documented. And there is now a group that s here to change that. Many Hispanic/ latino americans face harsh living conditions and are often times made to endure the hardships of poverty. Some experts believe that this is not because money management problems, but because the lack of opportunities made available by many institutions including schools. Statistically 54 out of 100 hispanic/ latino children born in the united states will graduate from high school and only 9 of those 54 will graduate college.
The group N C L R (nationaly council of la raza) had been doing many things to promite the civil rights of Hispanic/ latino americans. ...view middle of the document...

Through the clean act these families would be separated and the parents deported back to mexico ( or other latin country, I am using mexico as just a general example).
There are also things that N C L R support such as equal opportunities in schools and institutions for Hispanic/ latino americans. In many cases there is a language barrier that causes great difficulty for the Hispanic/ latino people to learn or understand. This in turn frustrates the people and is a factor in the elevated drop out rate in the Hispanic/ latino community.
Another cause N C L R supports is that the children of illegal residents can go to college in the state in which they live and not have to pay out of state tuition. It is not fair to say that a student that lives in the same state just as other students they have to pay more to attend, because their parents are not legal americans. Is it fair to punish a child for their parents actions? N C L R (National Council of LA RAZA) does not believe so. After all the constitution of the united states, states that all people are created equal. And this should include Hispanic / latino people.
Since the start of the united states there had always been a group of people that are considered lower class and expected to live differently and given obsticals to overcome. And now it is the Hispanic/ latino people who have obticles that they must over come to obtain equal civil rights. And change has started to take place with groups like N C L R fighting on a daily basis to make America a better place for EVERYONE to live no matter what color you are.
The Hispanic/ latino is becoming the majority race in the united states. In the 2011 united states cencus Persons of Hispanic or Latino Origin had 16.7% of all people.

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