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Hispanic Americans Essay

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Hispanic Americans for centuries have a significant role of contribution to society in the United States bringing diversity to the customs and cultures of Americans. Hispanic Americans impacted areas such as politics, public service, scientific, cultural foods and entertainment. Most historians have no knowledge or will acknowledged these impacts Hispanic Americans made on United States history therefore has entrenched anti-Hispanic racism in America. Mexican Americans have the largest population title of Hispanic groups here in the United States and for more than four centuries they have been a major part of history.
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Hispanic Americans historical struggle over illegal immigration in which is still a major struggle in this century has ongoing controversies over illegal immigration and even prejudice against those that are legal citizens within the United States. Although struggles continue and tradition of activism, Hispanics had hard times winning any public offices during the 20th century, recent elections of Cruz Bustamante (Lieutenant Governor) and several others have proven that the 21st century has a new sight on Hispanic political presence (Hispanic Americans: Political And Community, 2012).
Equality is favored by most Americans which groups demanding for more equality has been used by civil rights. The struggle for equality truly includes understanding the term, but constitutionally interpreting the laws. Civil rights laws that African American groups benefit from, Hispanic Americans do as well from nondiscrimination policies that were actually used to protect African Americans. Hispanic Americans are catching up and soon will replace African Americans as the largest minority group (Civil Rights And Public Policy, 1995-2010). Until now Hispanic Americans have not been much of a political force or a huge discussion when it comes to civil...

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