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His101: United States History I M2 A1: Colonialism

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The Economics and History Shaped Colonialism in the Western Hemisphere

Excelsior College
HIS101: United States History I
M2A1: Colonialism

Economics and religion were among the principal causes for colonialism in the Western Hemisphere. Europeans begin to subjugate themselves in the Western Hemisphere in search of new raw materials because of its shortage in their countries. Therefore, only restricted economic growth seemed possible in the Europe. Moreover, it is why the European monarchs started to look abroad for economic growth and benefits from the New World they had heard about. It was due to the due to the desire to acquire raw materials as well as the religious tensions that ...view middle of the document...

In fact, from the start of colonization priests were involved a vital part of early European expeditions. The first colonists had in mind that their revered role was to colonize the New World as the first Christians. As a matter of fact, one of the key roles that put the groundwork to the philosophy of colonization of the New World was the idea of converting Native Americans to Christians. However, the Native Americans worshipped the pagan God, but Europeans believed Christianity to be the only true and factual religion. Unsurprisingly, Christians wanted to save the souls of the unconverted because helping others is one of the central ideas of Christianity as with starting a salvation with God and spreading the gospel of Christianity throughout the world. Consequently, European colonists believed that conversion of the population of the New World was their sacred duty, while the conversion without colonization was virtually impossible because Native Americans were not willing to convert to Christianity and reject their gods, while colonists could teach them and persuade to convert to Christianity, although, in reality,...

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