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His Characters Essay

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His Characters

A comprehensive and graceful account of the noble qualities, merciful disposition and distinctive traits of the 'prophet's character has been left by Hind b. Abi Hala. He says: Whatever he said, it was always explicit and in plain terms. His speech was never long-winded nor unnecessarily concise. He was kindhearted and soft-spoken, never harsh or cool in his behaviour. Neither he humiliated anyone nor himself liked to be treated with disrespect. The' Prophet set much by every provision; even if it was small in quantity he never deprecated it. As for the edibles he never disapproved nor praised ; nor he showed anger about anything of the world or what it stands for. However, ...view middle of the document...

] If he had the choice between two courses, he would choose the easier one-' When he came to his house, he behaved ~ like a commoner, cleaned his garments, milked the sheep] and performed the household chores.
"The Messenger of God was not given to idle talk; he spoke only when he was concerned and comforted the people instead of giving them a scare through his speech. If a man of rank or nobility called upon him from another tribe, he showed him due honour and appointed him to some respectable post. He was always as cautious in his dealings with the people as he was overcareful in forming an estimate about them, although he never denied anyone his courtesy and sweet temper. He kept his companions always posted with the events and happenings and used to ask them about their affairs.
"He commended what was good and deprecated what was bad or vile; strengthened the one and weakened the other; was always moderate and steadfast without going back and forth; never allowed anything to escape his attention lest others should become negligent or get distracted; took care to possess the means for meeting every contingency; and was never found wanting in doing what was right and proper but in no wise he ever exceeded the limits. Those who kept his company were all virtuous and the elect; he was the best in his estimation who was the most benignant and courteous to all; and he was the most esteemed in his eyes who excelled others in benevolence and kindliness and in doing a favour to others. The Prophet would stand up with the name of God on his lips and so he sat down. Wherever he went, he sat down in the rear and instructed others to do the same. He paid such attention to everyone attending his meetings that everybody thought that none attracted his notice like himself. If anybody asked him to sit down or spoke of his affair, the Apostle listened to him patiently and gave heed to him until he had finished his talk and departed. If anybody asked for something or wanted his help, he never allowed him to leave without disposing of his business or at least comforted him with words kind and sweet. Such was his grace and kindness to one and all that everybody took him as his father. In regard to what was right and proper he regarded all on the same plane. His were the gatherings of knowledge and edification, of seemliness and modesty, of earnestness and probity. Neither anybody talked in a loud voice, nor censured others, nor cast a reflection on anybody, nor found fault with others; all were equal on even ground, and only those enjoyed a privilege who were more pious and God-fearing. In his meetings, the elders were held in reverence, the youngers were treated kindly, those in need were given preference by all and the wayfarers and strangers were afforded protection and looked after." Further he says: "Of cheerful disposition, the Apostle of God was always bright and radiant; he was tenderhearted and sweet tempered; not stern by nature, he never...

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