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Hippo Problem, Math And Logic Essay

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Jory Roberts
Math and Logic Tuesday and Thursday, 2 p.m.
The hippo problem

The hippo problem is a difficult problem to solve. It took me quite some time to solve this problem and I had to employ multiple heuristics in order to solve this problem. In the paper that follows I hope to not only demonstrate how I personally came to the conclusion of solving this problem, but also to help someone else solve a similar problem in the future.
The steps in which I took to solve the hippo problem were many, and like any good problem, there is a first step that one must take in order to solve the problem. The first step I took is to re state the problem. "Jill is the chief hippo caretaker at ...view middle of the document...

Here is where a bit of assumption comes in. If Jill is like a normal person, she will weight them as follows. Weight one of 312 Kg would be hippo number 1 and 2 weighed together. weight two of 356 Kg would be hippo number 1 and 3 together. Weight three of 378 Kg would be hippos number 1 and 4 together. Weight four of 444 KF would be hippo 2 and 3 together. Weight five of 466 Kg would be hippo number 2 and 4 together, and the unknown weight would be hippo 3 and 4 together. So now what? well if we add hippo pair 1 and 3 to the pair of 2 and 4. we should theoretically get a total weight for all of the hippos. that number would be 822 Kg. This should be the weight of all four hippos. The next step I took was to look for a pattern in the weights. if you subtract the pairs in order from each other, (pair 2 - pair 1 and so on like that) you come up with differences of 22, 44, 66, 22 respectively. That is a pattern. which repeats it's self between hippo pair 2 and 3 and hippo pair 2 and 4. The next logical number in the pattern would then be 44. So if we add 44 to hippo pair 2 and 4 we come up with a number of 510 Kg. So to check to see if this is the correct weight for the last pair of hippos that we currently do not know, we can add hippo pair 1 and 2. To hippo pair 3 and 4. so if we add 312 to 510, we get 822. This is the number we have determined is the total weight of all four hippos together. We now know that hippo pair 3 and 4 has got to be 510 Kg.
The next step to our current problem is figuring out the weights of the individual hippos. This will take a bit of guess and check work. Since I have already done the guess and check work, I will tell you the correct answers in addition to how I came about this. The first thing we need to do is figure out how to get the individual weight of one hippo. As we did before we can subtract the numbers of the pairs...

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