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Hip Hop Industry Essay

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Music has been around sense the dawn of time. When man first started to discover music it was not the kind of music we have today. All it consisted of was grunts, moans, and banging things. Music has evolved just as much as the people that created it. From Chromagnum men to musician and from grunting too classical music, rock, and rap. So today Music plays an essential role in our everyday life. We listen to music every day and even sometimes do not realize it. There are many resources where we can listen to music. We listen to the radio while driving our cars. We turn on the TV and watch movies where music is playing. So music is playing the big role to the human life and it is the way of ...view middle of the document...

It involved many things such as style, of dress, break dancing (a new form of dancing) and the most contraversial, grafitti(a form of art ). All of these aspects are part of the hip-hop culture. Hip-Hop was influenced by many different forms of music such as Rhythm and blues, Rock-n-Roll and Jazz. At parties the disc jockey would have two turntables (phonographs) and a mixer. He would play two different records at the same time creating a whole new sound. Soon poetry was added to hip-hop. While the Dj was creating a new sound, the poet or emcee would say poetry over the beat . This marked the signature sound for hip-hop. So there appeared a new culture, which today is really influential in many aspects like economical, psychological and etc. Especially hip-hop is fame among the teenagers, because of its way of living it is the new fashion that hip-hop brought, new dancing - break dance, and graffiti. Generally it is a big big culture, which involves too many things.Hip-Hop adopts the new fashion of dressing, and it was always changed since our days. For example in 1980s there was another way of dressing in comparison with todays. Hip-Hop culture and music grew and developed and of course its fashion began to change as well. Gangsta rap became one of the most prevalent styles of hip hop, and by the mid-1990s, hip hop fashion had taken on significant influence from the dress styles of street thugs and prison inmates. Much of today's hip hop fashions, most specifically the wearing of baggy pants and black ink tattoos, are commonly attributed with being initially inspired by the street fashions of the cholos (Chicano gangsters) on the West Coast . This style of fashion along with its associated hand signs and territorial or "homeboy" mentality was then adopted by the African-American youth initially in Los Angeles which then quickly transferred to the hip hop community at large. An example of this is the wearing of baggy clothes, often without the use of a belt for the pants, which originated from prison where belts are among the first things confiscated while new inmates are being given their uniforms. Hooded sweaters ("hoodies"), military hats, field jackets and fatigues, Hi-Tek brand para-military boots and Timberland boots were especially popular in New York City, while the West Coast culture additionally contributed with the wearing of flannel overshirts and classic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars to hip hop fashion. Gold teeth were popularized by Southern hip hop artists such as Master P , many of whom often wore a full mouth of gold fronts or permanent dental fixtures with precious metals and precious gems which were used as a fashion statement and status symbol that can't be snatched from around a neck or out of a pocket. Nike Air Force One and Fila shoes are also popular components of hip hop fashion.After the influx of the hip-pop influence, hip hop fashion became less based in actual street wear and more in an idealization of such. Hip...

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