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Hinduism Paper

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MARCH 10, 2013

Haryana (2009), states that Hinduism (Santana Dharma) is a way of life, an Indian tradition that encompass several religious beliefs, cultural practices and ideologies. The exact date of Hinduism’s origin is not known; through estimates vary from 3200 BC to 2500 BC. It is the world’s oldest major religion. It is also the third largest religion with a following of approximately 1.2 billion people. The Indian subcontinent is home to 98% of this populace. The Himalayan kingdom of Nepal is the only nation which has Hinduism for its state religion. This religion is characterized by the belief of ...view middle of the document...

But most recognize the existence of Brahman, the underlying principle and Supreme reality behind all that is believed.

The acceptance of the Hinduism faith created a unifying influence and philosophy that established peace and cooperation. The adoption of vegetarianism, especially cow protection, assured that all people would be well fed, and hungriness will not be a problem hope to achieve a life where there is plenty of food and their children are well fed, fostered the dream of a better future. The caste system established social order, defined authority. The holiness of the various waterways kept access to fresh water available. The teaching of ahisma or non-violence minimized warfare and greed and assured the existence of dairy cows, plowing bulls, and cow dung for fires and medicines.
One of the most influence man of all time Mohandas Gandhi (2 October 1869 - 30 January 1948) doubtless occupies an altogether distinct place in the history of modern Hinduism. He is chiefly honored today not as a savant of Hinduism, but rather as the principal architect of the Indian independence movement and as the most dedicated advocate of nonviolent resistance as a mass movement. While...

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