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Hinduism And Buddhism Essay

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In this assignment, you will select two (2) religions from those studied thus far in the course (i.e., Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism). Next, compare and contrast them .

Hinduism is unique among the world religions in that it has no founder or date of origin. While most major religions derive from new ideas taught by a charismatic leader, Hinduism is simply the religion of the people of India, which has gradually developed over four thousand years. The origins and authors of its sacred texts are largely unknown. Although today's Hinduism differs significantly from earlier forms of Indian religion, Hinduism's roots date back as far as 2000 BC, making ...view middle of the document...

Siddhartha observed the suffering in the world and set out to find an antidote. Through meditation and analysis, he attained an enlightened state of being that marked the end of attachments (and therefore suffering), and ultimately, upon his death, release from the cycle of rebirth (samsara). The Buddha's teachings are often summarized in the Four Noble Truths, which form the basis of the first sermon he delivered after attaining enlightenment, and the Eightfold Path, which provides a basic guide for how to live in the world. Over the course of its 2500-year history, Buddhism has experienced many schisms and modifications; there are currently three major branches of the tradition the Theravada ("Doctrine of the Elders"), the Mahayana ("Great Vehicle), and the Vajrayana ("Diamond Vehicle," often simply called "Tibetan Buddhism").
Faith in the Five Precepts is of utmost important amongst the basic beliefs of Buddhism. These precepts are similar to the Ten Commandments found in Christianity. They are:
1. Do not kill, be kind to all creatures 2. Do not steal, give rather than take 3. Do not lie, be honest and open 4. Do not misuse sex 5. Do not consume alcohol or use recreational drugs.
The basic beliefs of Buddhism also include "The Four Noble Truths", which explore human suffering. The first truth is called Dukkha and it says that suffering exists and is universal.
Similarity -Both Hinduism and Buddhism emphasize the illusory nature of the world and the role of karma in keeping men bound to this world and the cycle of births and deaths. According to the Buddha, desire is the root cause of suffering and removal of desire results in the cessation of suffering. Some of the Hindu texts such as the Upanishads (Isa) and the Bhagavadgita consider doing actions prompted by desire an attachment would lead to bondage and suffering and that performing actions without desiring the fruit of action would result in liberation.
Differences-Hinduism is not founded by any particular prophet. Buddhism was founded by the Buddha. Hinduism believes in the efficacy and supremacy of the Vedas. The Buddhist do not believe in the Vedas or for...

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