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Higher Education And Unemployment Essay

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Muddassir Ali Khan
M.A International Relations
The emergence of five central Asian states Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan is result of the disintegration of Soviet Empire. These states are full of natural resources like gas and oil. They have adopted “open door policy” to exploit the enormous wealth of natural resources .They engineered this policy to ensure internal development, strong economy and better foreign relations. In this regards her neighboring country china also there to fulfill the huge needs of energy, to contain U.S. influence in this region, counter terrorism, and make this region ...view middle of the document...

The U.S. involvement in the post 9/11 period is another significant factor in china’s policy towards central Asia.
portance of Central Asian States have attract the China to make polices

China’s Interests in Central Asia
China’s growing involvement in central Asia has attracted much international attention in recent years. Fears have been expressed about the extent to which china has made inroads into the region’s economic and political life, as well as the motives behind this policy. China has even been accused of viewing central Asia as its legitimate lebensraum. Such reasoning seems remote from reality: all the indications are that china’s expansion into the markets and politics of central Asia is peaceful and has clear limitations. It is evident that central Asia is a key concern of Chinese foreign policy, following closely behind other fundamental issues such as Taiwan and the “one-china” principle that the island should not be recognized as politically independent of the mainland. The last decade has seen an expansion of military co-operation between china and the neighboring central Asian states especially in the field of counter-terrorism and military confidence-building measures. Economic co-operation, integration, and infrastructure projects have also been priority of Beijing. Chinese investment in the economies of central Asia and bilateral trade are growing rapidly, and china looks to central Asia to reduce its energy deficit, diversify its energy imports and transits routs, and increase its energy security. Yet there are limitations to china’s influence and control over economic and political developments in the region.
China’s Central Asia Policy
The world has become global village in the real sense of the term. Central Asian republics are looking for new markets to sell their oil and gas and china needs energy to keep pace of its economic growth. China and central Asian republics are trying to resolve their borders issues, and they have succeeded so in achieving that goal. The central Asian republics lack capital to exploit their oil and gas resources while china has huge invest able surplus capital. The geopolitical game in central Asia is two fold: first, control over production of oil and gas, and second, control over the pipelines which will transfer oil to the markets. Energy resources are reshaping the geopolitical map in this region.
Energy, Trade and infrastructure
We know china is fastest growing economic country and being “ the world’s second-largest oil consumer after the United States, as mentioned above, attaching high priority to accessing oil and gas reserves in central Asian republics. The Chinese government wants to diversify energy imports and lower dependence on west Asia (Middle East).” 1 Because “the growing dependence on oil imports has created an increasing sense of “energy insecurity” among Chinese leaders. Chinese military leaders argue that china’s energy problem needs to be taken...

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