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Higher Degree In Nursing Essay

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Nancy Drew
Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V | Nursing History, Theories, and Conceptual Model
August 11, 2013

One may ask themselves a couple of questions when determining if one really needs to go back to school to obtain a higher level of nursing education. What’s the big deal having a baccalaureate-degree (BSN) in nursing versus having an Associate-degree (ADN) in nursing? Why go to school for four years and sit for the same National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) that an ADN must pass for his/her licensure that a BSN must to take as well? Taking the NCLEX-RN is a capstone experience to your studies. Passing demonstrates your competence so you can launch your nursing ...view middle of the document...

d.) The joint statement on academic progression for nursing students and graduates states with more than 2.6 million RN’s practicing nursing is by far the largest healthcare profession in the U.S. (Nursing, n.d.). Even with large numbers, there’s a constant turn-over of nurses in the healthcare field. Nurses do retire, change careers, stay home with families, life happens. Which means there’s a need to replace nurses on continuum basis. By 2020 the Bureau of Labor Statistics project that more than 1.2 million additional nurses will be needed (Nursing, n.d.). The demand will always be there. The educational requirements for nursing jobs will move in the direction of having more than an Associate’s degree in nursing. It is not stressed enough how professionalism, ethical decision making and critical thinking so important being the front line of care for the patient. Grand Canyon University College of Nursing Philosophy says nursing education is theory driven. Students at Grand Canyon University are educated to provide, direct and evaluate client-centered care while focusing on the person as an integrated whole. (Grand Canyon University College of Nursing Philosophy, n.d.) That defines what a BSN prepared nurse learns and demonstrates on the job. BSN nurses are educated to use critical thinking skills and less task driven skills. Back in the day, ASN nurses would tease and say,” You may have your BSN, but, I bet you can’t start an IV. So what kind of nurse are you?” The answer would be,” A nurse with a higher degree, a nurse with more opportunities for career advancement, a nurse that not only starts the I.V., but takes care of the entire patient.

An example of a patient care situation where an ASN versus a BSN may care for the patient differently, which the outcomes would differ also. Scenario: Mr. Jones, 50 year old Native American, seen in the Emergency Room six times in the past 2 months for wound infections, diabetic acidosis. Pt. is poor historian, diabetic, heel ulcers bilaterally, edema 2-3 plus below knee bilaterally, Stage II diabetic ulcers both heels, poor healing poor, non-compliant with diabetic, low salt, low fat diet. Noncompliant with medications. Not taking insulin, not keeping track of blood sugars. Ordered to test blood sugars four times per day. Humalog 8 units every morning if blood sugar is greater than 100. Same order for evening, before dinner. When the patient is admitted to the floor, and nurse D...

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