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High Stakes Essay

957 words - 4 pages

Jessie Long
Professor Chopalli
College Writing I
19 November 2012
High Stakes
Men and woman have strived to understand one another for many years. Men have made great efforts to grasp the inner workings of the female mind. While women have struggled to understand why men behave the way that they do. Both members of each gender might do whatever they can in order to solve the mystery of one another. However, it is not quite as complicated as each sex thinks. The behavior of men and women in relationships can all be boiled down to what each sex has at stake when it comes to sexual activity. While both men and women have something at stake Edward O. Wilson says in “The Fitness of Human ...view middle of the document...

Men often find a woman with smooth skin and a more youthful shape attractive since these attributes suggest to more child bearing years, and a greater chance of sending their genes to the future. Males and females search for behaviors and features that will increase their chance of leaving behind offspring that will in turn further their genetic legacy.
When it comes to sexual activity the majority of men and women have differing views of it. Men are more likely to view sex as a strictly physical act. While women, on the other hand, see it as a more emotional action. Many women try to find someone that they can connect with not only on a physical level but also an emotional level. To a woman sex goes far beyond the physical aspect, it is something that is very intimate and private. Again this emotional attitude towards sex goes back to women trying to find a man that can be trusted, and will be committed to her throughout her pregnancy and caring for any children. Since men are more physical beings, rather than emotional, men are not as selective as women when it comes to searching for a sexual partner. Once again with these differing views of sex men and women are doing what is best to increase the likelihood of their genes being sent to the future.
A woman often prefers a man to pursue her especially when it comes to sexual intercourse. This is because a woman is not as comfortable as a man is at initiating a sexual encounter. Wilson says, “The optimum sexual instinct of men… is to be assertive and ruttish, while that of women is to be...

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