High School Vs. College Essay

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High School vs. College
Transitioning from high school to college may be fun and exciting, but it can also be very challenging at the same time. Some students may find it a very difficult transition while others breeze right through it. College may be more difficult, but it does pay off in the end. College and high school do have similarities despite their many differences. This way, the transition will not feel like a totally new environment. High school and college are both for educational progression, experiences and memories, and both make the person who they are today.
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Yes, college may be more difficult, but it definitely pays off in the end.
Despite their many differences, college and high school do have a lot in common. For the obvious reason, both are here for educational growth. Education is important to everyone’s life. Whether it be learning how to write an English paper correctly or learning how to solve an algebraic equation, we all need it in our lives. High school gives an individual the basic education they need. College, however, goes beyond basic education. College gives individuals the knowledge that some people cannot begin to imagine. Either way, they both give us the education we need to become successful. High school and college also offer experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Prom is a time that most individuals will remember in their high school years. Whether they went with their best friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend, they probably had the time of their lives. Individuals get dressed up in their formal dresses and tuxedoes to go have fun with their friends and have a night to cherish for the rest of their lives. In college, individuals have the opportunity to meet new people. They also have the experience of having to learn how to become an adult. I have had the privilege of talking to many college students. Most of them say that “There is so much my parents don’t know” (Kothari 923). They explain that they like the freedom college gives them as well. College gives...

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