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High School Graduation Speech
Now that we are graduating I believe this time that we, class of 2014 fine tell all the people cheering on tonight but most importantly our parents three words we swore we will never say you were right. Now today, class of 2014 I challenge you to reflect on your past four years, remember who you are, where you are from, and what you represent. There’s this rumor that high school changes who you are and truth is I agree. Four years can really change a person just as Miley Cyrus because when we are freshmen she was a Disney star who was Hannah Montana riding horses and singing hoe down throw down, but now she rides wrecking balls.
Although were change has been a drastic we are the naïve freshmen we once were when we first walked in as 15 year olds very awkward looking forward for the best years of our life. ...view middle of the document...

And now it’s instagram, twitter, and snapchat and if you don’t update each of them daily people will question your existence. We’ve changed a lot in the past four years but when I look at all you all I still see the same freshmen I saw four years ago and it always hold on to that freshmen.
Secondly, always remember where you came from. You were from a state with the tea of sweet but the people are sweeter and if you all think food has flavor well then you haven’t met the people. Lastly, never forget what you represent, just because you graduate today it does not mean you will no longer represent the school. Be a symbol of what Fontainebleau High truly is and what it truly represents. Always remember to listen to my grandma, remember who you are, where you’re from, and what you represent. Remember this is only the beginning. we will soon have the freedom we’ve been craving for since we were kindergarteners. The Friday night football games and watching news hoping for another snow day have also ended.
However, these better days of ahead. And now before I conclude my speech I need to do one last important thing. Since the 2013 word of the year that came out in January by Oxford dictionary was selfie. So if I don’t take a selfie right here, right now I’m gonna regret this. Wait one second. Okay, everyone get in. now I’m gonna tweet this because if I don’t document graduation on social media, like I even graduate. And everyone should totally retweet me and I will be asked for selfie. Even though we don’t have Brad Pitt, we had Luther Ford in our class, so it’s close enough. But one day I will probably look back in this picture and I’ll wonder where everyone went. A lot will probably change when I look back in this picture. However, the one thing that will not change is the memories. So class of 2014, hold on to the memories for forever because the memories that have created the beautiful graduates who stands before me. That’s a pretty awesome thing. Thank you and I love you all.

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