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Nathan Lamonica DeAnnaJensen English 50 25 November 2008 The High Price of Athletes ` Ever since contracts began in professional sports the price of athletes has continued to rise. So why are athletes worth so much? And where does all the money come from? It is all about the revenue, a team’srevenue determines how much they can pay their players.Athletes deserve their pay because they aresome of the hardest working people and are the cornerstone of a business that makes billions of dollars.` ` Athletes are some of the highest people not only in the United States but possibly in the world. But it hasn’t always been that way. When contracts in professional sports first began athletes ...view middle of the document...

Vacations are rare; they don’t get much time off, and they are always in the public eye, which can be quite stressful. They maintain their bodies so that they are able to compete at the highest level possible. They do this to ensure that when game time comes they are physically able to perform for the fans, which is their main goal besides winning, to keep ratings high and maintain their high priced salaries without question.` ` Teams can afford to pay their players so much because the sports industry is a 90 billion dollar industry and athlete’s incomes are only five percent of that. This is so because as each team gains more and more success the value of that team goes up and when the team’s value is up, they attract more media attention which results in more fans. More fans means more money spent on tickets, team apparel, and concessions during the game. Sports are a form of entertainment, and when people are entertained they continue to be interested, and show their support by attending games or watching them on television or listening by radio:` The beauty of it is that the service of sports can be consumed by more than one individual per unit time. Think about it, a stadium of people watching A-Rod consumes his service at the same time, which means his service is available to thousands of people in unison. Factor in television and you’ve got a service available to millions of people all at once (Reece). This is relevant becauseunlike athletes most jobs do not provide a service to millions of people so their not going to be paid as if they are. And since a team can provide a service to so many people they can pay their players as much as possible. ` Unfortunately, sometimes teams do not always have the success they want from their players, and have to search for new ones to...

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