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High Performance Work Systems Essay

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Running head: High-Performance Work Systems – Final Project

High-Performance Work Systems – Final Project

April 20, 2010
High-Performance Work Systems – Final Project
This case study includes three different cases involving expansion and growth of companies. One is based on outsourcing, one on expanding and hiring and the other on high performance work systems and compensation. They are all completely different in their own way, but they are examples of steps that every company has to face. All three case studies are also good examples of what companies can do to save time and money.
In the case of Professional Products, Incorporated, outsourcing some of their ...view middle of the document...

Asking for feedback and advice from the employees would also help make this a smoother transition.
In the second case study, with Nike, overall the company did a wonderful job of showing how the selection process works. People who were interested in the jobs were asked to respond to questions over the phone. Just in the first round alone, the company was able to screen out 3,500 people because they did not have the right qualifications (Bohlander & Snell, 2007). Imagine how much time and money that saved the company! The people who passed that section were then asked to come into the store for a computer based interview. The people who passed this part of the process were then asked to fill out an application and were interviewed face to face shortly after that. A hiring decision was made after all of these steps had been completed.
The importance of testing applicants not only helps prevent turnover, but it also helps determine if a person is qualified for a specific job. For example, if a person does not have any patience or gets agitated easily, they probably should not work in customer service. Physical ability tests are important for positions that require candidates to perform physical tasks. “Particularly for demanding and potentially dangerous jobs such as those held by firefighters and police officers” (Bohlander & Snell, 2007). Job Knowledge Tests are important in showing how well some employees will do at a particular job. Many different companies require the use of computers and knowledge of certain software. For office positions, how many words per minute a person can type is also important. Most job staffing agencies have you take a job knowledge test to see how familiar you are with certain software.
It is hard to know if any laws were violated, since the exact question that was asked was not shown, but something on the case study was interesting. Applicants were asked if they “had a passion for sports” (Bohlander & Snell, 2007). “What are your hobbies?” is an inappropriate question to ask someone during an interview. Granted, this question was not directly asked, but the case study made it seem that applicants were turned away if they did not like sports. Having a “passion for sports” might not have a major effect on how well of an employee the person is, especially since these people were cut so early on in the interview process.
Overall, Nike did a good job with filling so many jobs in a short amount of time. They should be commended for staying on top of their recruiting process and keeping people informed of the process. While this process may seem cold and disconnected to some, imagine how much time and money the company would have spent interviewing all 6,000 applicants. According to the case study, “the company saved $2.4 million during a three-year period by reducing turnover from 87 to 51 percent” (Bohlander & Snell, 2007). The numbers alone speak for themselves.
In the third case...

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