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High Fructose Corn Syrup And Your Health

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High Fructose Corn Syrup and Your Health

English 147 Advanced English Composition
Chamberlain College of Nursing/DeVry University

June 01, 2016

High Fructose Corn Syrup and Your Health
Your food might be killing you. No one wants to die and no one wants to be fat, yet hundreds of thousands of Americans die every year because of obesity. According to the National Institutes of Health, obesity and overweight people (defined by high body mass index or BMI) suffer from the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States (NIH, 2012). Almost 70% of the U.S. adult population is defined as overweight or obese (per BMI), with an estimated 300,000 ...view middle of the document...

Education in regards to the risks associated with HFCS-rich diets and improved label identification of the amount of fructose-based additives in food are needed.
Problem Analysis:
The addition of fructose and high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in beverages and food has contributed to an increase in health problems such as obesity and gout (Lin, et al. 2011) and should be regulated and better identified on food packaging for the awareness and safety of the consumer. Millions of people suffer from obesity, hypertension, and hyperurecemia (Zhu, et al. 2011) and yet is not commonly knowledge that a significant nutritive detriment of their health can be found in most common food items. The prevalence and availability of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) and food items containing fructose and HFCS has contributed to a marked increase in health problems without the general public’s knowledge. The lobby for the food and beverage industries has heavily advertised defending the practice of adding large amounts of fructose and HFCS in food and has done so without close scrutiny or regulation despite the research that has provided evidence of the harm caused.
The audience for this paper is the general public as well as the health and wellness care provider. Of special concern is the elementary age adolescents that have been identified in the research as heavy users of SSB. Many are skeptical when it comes to the argument over HFCS content in food. This audience may be convinced with the scientific data as well as the conclusions of experts in the fields of study including statistical food consumption research, endocrinology, rheumatology, pediatrics, and cardiology. In the mainstream media there seems to have been a casual lassie faire approach to addressing the burgeoning bellies of the typical U.S, midsection. Now that is changing with multiple political, scientific, and celebrity voices calling for attention to the problem. Last year the largest association of physicians in the United States, the American Medical Association, declared a policy that “… recognizes obesity as a disease requiring a range of medical interventions to advance obesity treatment and prevention [and] this will help change the way the medical community tackles this complex issue that affects approximately one in three Americans” (AMA, 2013).
Multiple studies correlate the relationship between “added sugar” and specifically the use of HFCS and total fructose consumption with weight gain (Bray, et al., 2004) and the epidemic rise in the prevalence of diet-related diseases including obesity and gout in the United States and this points to the need for action. (Zhu, et al., 2011). The singular greatest food item that contains added fructose or HFCS are soft drinks and fruit juices and are considered “sugar-sweetened beverages” (SSB). Although there is a trend in adding sugars into beverages, there is a noted differentially significant increase of the amount of calories in...

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