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High Dynamic Range Photography Essay

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Overview & Rules
Following the footsteps other Number Logic puzzles such as Kakuro, Loopy is another member of the family of logic puzzles invented in Japan. This game is a loop-forming puzzle with a rectangular lattice of dots as platform which contains clues in a number of different spots. The ultimate goal of the game is to link adjacent dots by placing lines between them in a way to form a continuous closed loop with no crossings and or branches. Additionally the number of lines around each clue, if specified, should exactly equal to the value of that clue. To summarize the rules:    The clue inside each clue should be equal to the number of lines surrounding it Empty squares are fair ...view middle of the document...

5) When there are two 3’s in a diagonal formation, there are several ways to loop around them. The lines in common between all of them are shown in the figure below and to avoid crossing and branching X’s have been put down to show no lines could be there.

6) Any number placed in the corner of the map means more simplification as the following figure shows. Aside from 0’s which were taken care of earlier, the 1’s require putting down two X’s in the corner since it is impossible to enter one of the nodes without going through more than one lattice. @’s have two solutions, both involve having to go through the two dots circled in the right image which infers the lines drawn in the right image must always be part of the solution. Similarly having a 3 will force us two mark the two corners of the clue.

Algorithms Having performed the pre-processing techniques we are left with a partially completed solution where X’s indicate no man’s land and red lines must be part of the solution. 1. First Optimization a. Note that any line can enter each node once and leave that node once, in other words the degree of...

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