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Scope and purpose
Purpose of this report

Geographic market diversification is central to corporate strategies of successful global dairy players (Euromonitor, 2010a). The global dairy market will be driven by emerging regions that will account for up to 86% of global market growth in absolute retail value terms leading up to 2015 (Euromonitor, 2010a). Recent moves by leading dairy manufacturers show that successful strategies are focused on strengthening their ...view middle of the document...

1.2.2 Product scope: dairy products

As Lion operates at the raw milk processing, product manufacturing, marketing and distribution levels in the supply chain, all of these activities are considered in this analysis (PwC, 2011). Analysis commences at the milk processing level of the supply chain. Lion also manufactures juice products, which will not be included in this analysis(Lion, 2011). Further, only Lion and not the greater Kirin Group, of which Lion is a subsidiary, will be analysed.
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Dairy products comprise four categories (Figure 1).

Dairy products

Processed spreadable & unspreadable Unprocessed hard, soft & spreadable

Drinking milk products
Fresh milk, long-life/UHT, flavoured milk, milk powder, soy milk, goat milk

Yoghurt & sour milk products
Sour milk drinks, spoonable & drinking yoghurt,

Other dairy


Chilled & shelf stable desserts, coffee whiteners, condensed milk, cream, fromage frais & quark

Figure 1: Categories of dairy products. Source: (Euromonitor, 2011a)

Lion does not manufacture other dairy products such as ice-cream or animal feed proteins; these are outside the scope of this report. Some farming data is included for completeness however this report will not address dairy farming in either market.

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Success in Australia: the Lion’s share

Lion enjoys a strong presence and significant success in the Australian market. Lion’s portfolio boasts market-leading, household-name brands across all categories including three out of the top 25 grocery brands in Australia: Dairy Farmers, COON and PURA (Lion, 2012).


Current situation: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats


Lion’s strengths lie in its low cost manufacturing with superior technological infrastructure and skills (Lion, 2011). Lion has a strong wide market presence and is engaged in extensive R&D (Euromonitor, 2011a; Dairy Australia, 2012c). Lion is positioned for export growth. The key opportunities for Lion include the trend towards dairy becoming a staple part of consumer diets globally coupled with rising demand in emerging markets (Euromonitor, 2010a). The threats involve fluctuating milk prices, and volatile climate and natural disasters affecting production (Lion, 2011; PwC, 2011; Euromonitor, 2010a). See Appendix B for full SWOT analysis.


Forces in the Australian market

By definition, any successful company has positioned itself favourably in relation to the forces that matter most in its industry (Porter, 1979) The preceding situation analysis provides an overview of Lion’s current situation. However to understand how Lion derives a comparative advantage, an analysis of the forces and power in the industry is necessary (Henry, 2011). This insight into Lion’s positioning relative to the...

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