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Hidden Value Of A Man Essay

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FAM 555: Ministry to Fathers
Reflections of the Gold Sword: What a Wife Really Wants
Daniel Greenberg
October 30, 2012

God has called to make up our gold sword and become better husbands and fathers. Smalley and Trent came up with seven basics that can make the real difference in the establishment of our gold sword. Developing a plan with these seven reflections should be the basics and the foundation for a family.
The first reflection is deciding to honor our loved ones. “First, honoring others begins with giving honor to God” (ST, pg.53). Honoring someone else means placing high value on them. We need to make a commitment to build security in the lives of our loved ones. We can ...view middle of the document...

Another communication method is resolving and this is taking a piece of paper and listing the advantages and disadvantages on each side and this can help with perhaps a sensitive issue. These three communication methods can really help improve communication in a home.
The fourth reflection of the gold sword is dealing with anger in a timely, healthy way. Most men are unaware of how much damage their anger can cause. While friction is inevitable, anger is not the correct answer. Having the gold sword requires that we deal with our anger. We need to direct our anger in other forms as the book mentions a correlation between unhealthy anger and an increase in pessimism and lack of success in the workplace.
The next reflection of the gold sword is meaningful touching. While many men might associate this to be sexually involved, this is not what this is intended. “The Scriptures are clear that regular sexual involvement is crucial not only to enrich the marriage, but also to protect a couple from temptation and sexual sin”(ST, pg.75 ). If a woman is treated with things such as respect and honor, then she will always be there for you. Meaningful touching is a quality way to express warmth and security to a spouse.
Regular emotional bonding experiences are the sixth reflection of the gold sword. This comes in all the little things we do with one another. The text calls this one of the biggest factors in building a really satisfying relationship. It takes a lot of effort to create enough time for one another. This usually requires putting off other activities that we might enjoy such as playing golf or watching the big game with friends. Some of the moments that we expect the least will create memories that we will cherish forever. The more positive experiences you can have with one another will only strengthen your relationship.
The last reflection of the gold sword is financial stewardship. Financial accountability is an important part in carrying out the gold sword. While most would place finances with the silver sword, financial faithfulness is a critical element of having the golden sword. This also requires some sacrifices but to live debt free is going to allow you to concentrate more on carrying out the gold sword.
Chapter nine of When Men Think Private Thoughts ties into the gold sword by describing what women want. MacDonald gives a list of ten ideas that a wife would want and need in a...

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