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Hibernation Essay

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1 Answer: The market segment i have specifically chosen is the upper middle class housewives who are basically considered mostly about western food habits, In India about 80% of the upper middle class do not have microwave ovens but like to bake cookies, cakes and many more foods which requires a microwave oven, for their kids to make them happy. Obviously the housewives would be beneficial cause it saves their time for cooking, the mental stress of repeatedly cooking for their kids and family members. So i ...view middle of the document...

And not only the cakes or cookies but to reheat the foods which has been left out and which can still be had, housewives in India wake up early in the morning to cook for their kids for their lunch boxes and because of the low time limit in the mornings kids mostly don't have their breakfast and go to school, So i would target the kids and husbands. In India middleclass housewives are jealous if their neighbor has one oven and complain to the husbands about the oven and make them buy one, So if there is one oven in the locality then most of them will be trying to get them now or later. Moreover housewives mostly prefer homemade foods rather eating outside, They feel that the oil used may not be good and they are most concerned about saving money and so they try not to buy it from outside and feed their kids and family members. Hygiene food is all they want to give to their family, That is the main reason for me choosing this market segment cause it is beneficiary for the Upper middleclass housewives who can actually afford to buy one for the well and good of their family members.

2 Answer.

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