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Hertz Case Study

939 words - 4 pages

[ Insper - Instituto de Ensino e Pesqusa ]

Marketing Plan
High Tech Restaurant

André Bertelli
Shin Long Huang
Thomas Calrsen

Marketing Plan - Group and Theme
* Group:

* André Bertelli
* Shin Long
* Thomas Carlsen
* Alex Lachman
* Rafael Portela

* Theme:

High Technology Restaurant

* Brief Description:
A High Tech Restaurant is a place that mixes good food and high tech gadgets to attract young public with high income and constantly connected to social media.
The idea is to have a restaurant covered by wireless Internet network, with tablets available in each table, televisions, ...view middle of the document...

It is fundamental too that we discuss price strategies and other important criteria of segmentation.
Great companies focused on young public, generally invest a lot of time and money to make marketing plans. As example, we see the MTV marketing plan as a complete and complex plan, and such tactics and methodology they use may be applicable to the High Technology Restaurant.
In addition, the group, at Insper’s entrepreneurship challenge Empreenda, presented the idea in 2009. We were able to finish the strategic plan, however our project was halted before we could finish the marketing plan. We consider a great opportunity using the idea for this Marketing Plan, as we can see the results we would see if the project continued.
* Primary Research:

The objective is to understand the opinion of our target public about specific products and services offered by the restaurant, including positive and negative aspects from traditional restaurants. Our primary research methodology is a qualitative survey through social network with our target public.
Our group also intend to interview specialists who have experience with premium hamburger restaurants, hamburger chains and restaurants with technological devices such as the owner of America, General Prime Burguer, Hamburgueria Nacional, Lanchonete da Cidade and Wall Street Bar. We will also interview technology experts to help us find the best way to implement our gadgets and network.

* Secondary Research:

The first objective is to search for competitive and similar business models and understand their value proposition. Also, research if our main target public demands the services and products offered by a High Tech Restaurant. Our secondary research methodology is to visit restaurants and bars with similar value propositions in São Paulo, and on the internet for companies outside the city.
We intend to collect data about the market information for Premium hamburgers in Restaurant Associations websites, such as the location...

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