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Heroism In Chinese Cinderella Essay

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Throughout the novel Chinese Cinderella, Adeline is seen as a true hero. Heroism is reflected in the way she deals with rejection and injustice, and her suffering even in the face of a life-threatening condition. Her favourable personality and undying devotion, her sense of independence, perseverance, and inspiration derived from education and those around her all contribute to her portrayal as a hero.

Adeline is forced to live life enduring rejection and neglect, and this alone is demonstrated by the way her father and stepmother Niang leave her alone at boarding school in Tianjin when she is only 10 years old, in a cruel attempt to separate Adeline from her Aunt Baba, while the ...view middle of the document...

Adeline’s successes in class, her strong, reliable personality brings numerous peers to her side, at one point throwing a surprise party after following her home from school one day, only to find her beaten and bleeding from the punishment of her stepmother. “I felt naked and ghastly and vulnerable… unwanted and unloved by my own parents… for a person to dies of shame?” Her personality greatly aids her in overcoming her adversities, even when she finds it difficult and shameful to reveal the insight of her family life, as it had won the unflawed support from Wu Chun Mei and all her peers.

A strong sense of independence and perseverance is also seen in her personality. For instance, with her Niang refusing to provide Adeline, her older sister and three brothers with tram fares to reach school every day unless they apologised to her and their father, she walks the miles alone to and fro through sunshine and hail, despite her Aunt’s pleas to give in and apologise and the fact that one by one, her siblings collapse on their vow and only she continues to walk. “I just couldn’t do it… something to do with loyalty, fair play, and a sense of obligation.” While the suffering and injustices continue to deepen, Adeline continues to use her...

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