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Heroism Essay

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Heroism today is not the same as the Anglo-Saxon times. The definition of the word "hero" today is completely different from then. Heroes today thrive for different aims compared to then. Also whether today's heroes have selflessness like Beowulf. During the Anglo-Saxon times, heroes like Beowulf proves their deeds in wars and battles, but today, heroes are celebrities, like movie stars and singers, who prove their deeds in public appearances.Definition of a hero during the Anglo-Saxon period is a person who has done great achievements for his people in wars and battles. Beowulf is the hero that is compared to "That mighty protector of man"¦.", and today's celebrities are compared like gods or ...view middle of the document...

His true intentions were actually to liberate the Danes from the wrath of Grendel. Despite the fact that, when Beowulf speaks of his former deeds like the battle with sea monsters and giants, he enjoys the attention and admiration he receives, like all modern day celebrities. Today's celebrity "heroes" become famous mainly because of the prestige one will receive, and partly for the love of their music, act, etc. Even parents dreamed of their child(ren) to be famous one day by sending them to piano, ballet, acting, and singing lessons.Today's heroes do not have selflessness like Beowulf. Many of Beowulf's actions indicate that he is a selfless person. During the night of the welcome celebration for him and his men, he said, "Let me live in greatness and courage, or here in this hall welcome my death!", proclaiming that if he wins Grendel, great, but if he does not, then so be it. This selflessness is rarely seen in celebrities that are considered to be heroes. Beowulf came to Hrothgar because he wanted to help the Danes to get rid of Grendel. Though the most celebrities did not do things like that, it cannot be concluded that they are not heroes because they provide inspiration to many and for humanitarian purposes like Princess Diana.Today's heroes differ from Anglo-Saxon heroes, because how they become heroes, purpose as heroes, and actions as heroes are different. Heroes are always idolized throughout history whether they are war heroes, basketball players, or pop stars because we need them as a legacy of dreams and hopes during those periods. We will always have heroes but from time to time the characteristics and the view point of someone we consider a hero will change.

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