Heroin Addiction Response Paper

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An article published both in the Sunday Times and the Wall Street Journal in May of 2006 entitled, “Don’t blame me, I’m just the junkie”, written by Theodore Dalrymple, purposes that criminality is more likely to cause heroin addiction than heroin addiction is to cause criminality.
The author of this article, in my opinion, clearly has an unrealistic view of addiction and has obviously never experienced withdrawal. Mr. Dalrymple begins this article in a disturbing tone when he states that most addicts in prison say “I would give up the heroin if only I got the help”. He goes on to interpret this statement to mean that the addict is of course implying that there is a technical means by ...view middle of the document...

Legal or not the drug still costs money, and the addict will try and find a way to get that drug. Having now multiplied the amount of people addicted to the substance, it would stand to reason that crime would increase.
The author states that three quarters of heroin addicts in Britain had criminal records prior to taking heroin. I have to wonder, what the author considers to be a criminal record, is it jaywalking or traffic citations? This statement is very subjective. I know that for myself, I did not have a criminal record prior to becoming an addict. I also know many people in recovery from heroin addiction who had no prior criminal record before the onset of their addiction.
The author insinuates that people purposefully addict themselves to heroin. In my opinion it is human nature that when one begins taking a substance that makes them feel better, the thought farthest from their mind is that they will become addicted to or dependent upon that substance. Based on my own personal experience with an alcohol and methamphetamine addiction, it is also human nature to believe that we are stronger than other people who have allowed a substance to control us and our behaviors; therefore we will not become addicted to the drug like others have. No matter what others may tell us is likely to happen it is our nature to believe that we are unique and different, until we try to stop the use of the substance. It is only when we attempt to quit that we realize that we have become addicted to the drug.
The author uses the...

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